More Themed Campaign Events Please

Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.
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More Themed Campaign Events Please

Post#1 » Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:18 am

It would be ace if the devs could release another themed Campaign event.

Possible events include :
1) Some special smuggling themed campaign on Tattooine involving Jabba the Hutt where the rewards can be up to MAX CB refills. Could involve some single use Boba Fett's or Llando's to make it more interesting?
2) Hoth based event. Imps attempting to locate the rebel base, while the rebels are battling to escape from their base. Possible event store based rewards again.
3) A rerun of the Halloween 2014 sickness event to get more death troopers just for fun!! Possible event store based rewards again.
4) Twilek Assault - Similar to Gamo Assault but with Twileks and cook times down to 1s and you get to roast everything in site for a few days!!

Any more suggestions welcome. It used to be a fun part of the game and everyone used to compare notes on how to beat specific missions.
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