Reconnecting without restarting.. just like in G.O.H.!

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Reconnecting without restarting.. just like in G.O.H.!

Post#1 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 7:56 am

Have you ever wondered how many times you’ve had to restart your game, all while you’re about to launch an attack against a rich enemy player, or when you’ve won a hard battle and collected all the sweet loot, just because the internet connection fails for just a couple of seconds that are just a few, but are still enough to bring up the “Connection Error” screen, forcing you to restart? And when you restart, you are informed that you’ve lost the battle, your troops loadout or even the loot you collected fair and square (or, if the internet really wants to make a fool out of you, the battle might not have even been recorded, as if it never took place)? Well, I can certainly say that the misfortune of internet failure in the middle of a battle has cost me hundreds of medals, as well as millions of units of loot (happens way less often now, since we upgraded our router at home, but before that, the game was almost unplayable with all that internet connection failures I’d suffer). After this happened to me once again the other day, I came up with a solution. But a little filler-up story first:

Has anyone here ever played “Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes”? It’s a pretty nice Star Wars RPG game for both Android and iOS devices, but I don’t want to elaborate on all its features, except for the one regarding connection failures.

In Commander, if you suffer a connection failure, you are forced to restart the whole game again. However, in G.O.H., if something happens to your connection during the middle of a fight, do you know what happens? Guess what… Nothing. The battle goes on like normal until the victor is determined. THEN, the game will inform you that the connection to the server has been lost, prompting you to check your connection and attempt to reconnect. If you manage to reconnect, the victory/defeat screen appears, informing you on the result of you battle, and you’re back in the game. If not, the same screen appears over and over, until you either manage to reconnect to the game’s servers or you quit to your device’s main screen. In any case, the game does not force you to reconnect immediately after connection to the internet is lost, and it certainly doesn’t force you to restart your game every time this happens.

So, here’s one hell of an improvement the devs could make to this game. Don’t force us to give up on an important battle over internet issues!
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