Pretty frustrated with my squad

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Re: Pretty frustrated with my squad

Post#11 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:52 am

Hey there FatYoda! I am the leader of the BB8_Resistance. We are active rebel squad with about 15 core members (currently 19/20 active). We are a lientient and fun loving squad, but we do have rules and organization. We use Discord for squad chat where were strategize and discuss the game. All squad rules are posted there as well. The squad is democratic with Officers making decisions by vote. We are a friendly bunch and have had no problems within the squad.

How many active players do you have? Would you consider a merger into our squad?

If you are interested feel welcome to join our Discord server here: and we can discuss details.
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Re: Pretty frustrated with my squad

Post#12 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:10 am

Hello fatyoda,stop by Rancor'sCavern if u are still looking for a proper team oriented group that does wars the way you like,all are generous with donates and a no pressure atmoshere.

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Re: Pretty frustrated with my squad

Post#13 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:21 am

FatYoda wrote:Basically 5 of us out of 15 attack & defend our bases, usually. How do you handle that? We had one player who wouldnt attack or at least defend his base yet, like clockwork, hed request troops when it was over. I removed him after i noticed this to be a pattern. Now one of my officers left & im guessing we werent active enough?

So now since he left we don't have enough to start a war. No one talks /chats & Im usually the chatty one - im not pushy, obnoxious or a jerk - Im generous with donating anything they ask for.
Well thats my rant - anyone go through this & how do you get more good players? I was loaded with lvl2's & after 25 +days of inactivity I'd remove them & new members would join within a few hours. Now its nothing.

What Am i doing wrong?

Dark-Plague is always looking for new members! Imperial Squad. Solid core group of players. Just drop me a message here and we can hook you up!

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