Unfair matching for Rebels

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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#31 » Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:08 am

I've to say we got some fair matches. We're ranked somewhere between 300 and 400 and our matches are usually in the ranks 100-800. HQ-Levels don't say much though. To really compare you also have to look at the turret levels. Sometimes you got a lv10 with lv5 turrets. And what you can't compare until the war is over is the war/battle experience and motivation of the opponents. Some opponents just give up when your squad has a strong start. Other keep coming after you and even might overtake you in the end (or go for a 45:45 tie).

So, never give up. Fight negativism in your squad. Learn to take and regain FOs and be better and more highly motivated than your opponents. This might not stop you from losing a battle here and there but it does certainly feel better to have given the best than to have given up early.
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#32 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:38 am

So thankful this was fixed and has been going great for all of us since
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#33 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:25 pm

It's hardly fixed, just got matched against an imp squad that had 9 maxed lvl 10's with lvl 40+ dekas, rest maxed 9's, vs our 2x lvl 10 sandbags, few 9's some with decent bases, rest 8's and 7's, we lost 45-2. (they got their 45 pts within an hour of war starting) During the event that rewards max crates for win, great.

I suspect it's because there are so much more high lvl empire players (don't believe in the 52% empire thing btw, might be if you count all the inactive low lvl rebel accounts but that's hardly representative, just look at the conflict a lot more empire than rebs showing up on leaderboards.)

I suspect the game just picks whichever rebel squad has at least 1 hq 10 and matches the squad vs any empire squad waiting in queue which is why these guys sit in queue for days yet when we queue up we get a match within seconds.

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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#34 » Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:05 pm

Both sides get mismatches. My imp squad got matched with W.A.R.Jedi and Havoc_Sentinels. However mismatched it was it was fun and both were close in results. We learned a lot.
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#35 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:57 am

In Kenobi's Command (rebel), we've had a mixed experience. The first few wars were hopeless mismatches in the Empire's favour. For the next 20 wars, they were winnable, even though the Empire always had higher HQ bases and more of them. The outposts make a huge difference, and HQ level isn't always reflected across a base.

Usually our war requests are met in minutes. The last few have taken hours. When we've waited hours, we end up against a much tougher Empire base. I think the devs are monitoring those with good win-loss rates and giving tougher opponents.

In our current squad war, we have:
    1 10 (only the HQ is 10, the new buildings/turrets are still at v low levels),
    3 9s,
    6 8s, and
    some 7s and 6s.

We face:
    5 10s (each slightly more advanced than our 1 10)
    2 9s
    3 8s
    4 7s
    a 6 and a 5

The outposts are
    Dandoran (troop health boost)
    Takodana (troop damage boost)
    Yavin (starship boost)

The outposts are more likely to be useful to us than them, but only if we have them and can keep them. They have 7 bases that should easily re-take level 9 outposts, to our 3. This is a complete mismatch in the Empire's favour.
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#36 » Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:21 am

Update: We were 6-22 down. Then we re-took the outposts, we finished 43:26 ahead.

It was a mismatch, but with teamwork (and the outposts) we prevailed.

Just goes to show the advantage of being in a good squad.
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#37 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 5:04 am

Our current war is against a top 25 leader board squad, Imperial Snipers 14 10's and 1 9.
We have 10 8's 5 9's and 1 10

Our leader line'd them and hoping they let us have the outposts to give a challenge to them and let us have some fun, or none of us will attack, I hate to do that, were 17 wins 4 losses right now and half our wins we were going up against squads with 2 to 5 10's, 2 of our 4 losses we knew what was going to happen the other 2 we lost by a couple uplinks.

In game stats has us at 1400
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#38 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:20 am

We have not faced one fair match in the past 6 Squad Wars. The vote is to stop playing in Squad Wars. We have level 5-7 bases and a few new level 10 bases, but most are mid level 8, 9. It's bad enough that the regular game is Imp-centric with ridiculous Mortar and Burst Turret bonuses, but now we face squads with a minimum of 4 solid level 10 bases. I thought the point of adding the same-faction matching was to allow all the high-level Imps to get fair matches. I'd rather face another equal Rebel squad again. That was more fun because we could at least compete against their defenses instead of being destroyed even while holding the outposts.
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Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#39 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:05 pm

Not just rebels. Imperial squad here, we run 1 lvl 10 a few 9's and lower bases. Regularly come across teams with 5 + lvl 10's. Always outgunned, think we've only had 1 or 2 fair matches the whole time. What keeps us competitive is we've got some good players on our squad.

Also what I don't get is our search goes very quickly, we get a match instantly you'd think it would take longer to get a better matchup?


Re: Unfair matching for Rebels

Post#40 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:12 pm

I have an Imperial Squad (Justice_League) and we have only a single loss (which we avenged) and over 40 wins, but that's about to change. Our breakdown is this:
1 - 9: Newish with only a few upgraded weapons and troops.
2 - 8s: Newish with only a few upgraded weapons and troops.
2 - 7s: 100% maxed except Droideka.
4 - 6s: 100% maxed except Droideka.
5 - 5s: 100% maxed.
1 - 4: 100% maxed.
I believe that the more your squad wins the harder your match-up becomes. The squad rank and trophies have nothing to do with it. Our current war is completely unwinnable, they are going to 100% us and we hold all the outposts. They have: 1 maxed 10, 5 maxed 9s and an 8. The only reason we beat them the first time was that they didn't try very hard.
Their total HQ level is 104 compared to our 92, and again, they are maxed out at the top. War search both times in getting this squad was really quick, minutes and we've got them back to back. There has to be some alternate number that they are using to determine the wars, and I think it's got something to do with your win percentage.

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