Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

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Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

Post#1 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:04 pm

Hey Guys,

Recently updated my level 8 Rebel base by spreading it out a little bit, was getting hammered by AT-ATs and losing every defensive battle by 70-80%. Please take a look and suggest any changes/modifications. :geek:

Most of the Turrets still lvl 6-7.
SC level - 8
Deka - Level 2 in the bottom corner.
Shields - 2 lvl 8 and 1 lvl 7.
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Re: Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

Post#2 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:43 pm

I would use a couple of MTV7 to quickly take out the resource generators, and a load of jump troopers to take out the rest. Even if spaced out, jump troopers move quickly such that is doesn't matter that you have distanced your buildings. Jump/Jet equipment has made attacking too easy. The only time I fail to get 3 stars in attacks against rebels is if they have Jet troopers in their squad centre, and a mass of sonic turrets (which you cant get until level 9).
Some other tips:
-If you don't want to be attacked then make sure your resources are low, just initiate a building upgrade then cancel immediately and you will only get refunded half the credits. If I see a rebel base with very low resources then there is little benefit in attacking (that is unless I have full resources and am only attacking to get 3 stars for conflict progression).
-I think lots of players give up on trying to win defense, I learnt this a long time ago, it is worse now with the prevalence of jump/jet troopers. Instead I set up a corner base which means that for heroic defense the AI only spawns on 2 sides of the base and makes it easier for me to defend and get 3 stars, as opposed to a central base where the AI troops come at your from all angles.
-Another option, move to a planet which doesn't have a conflict running, there will be less people attacking there.
-Upgrade all your turrets to your HQ level before you upgrade your HQ again, this means you will be better placed to defend against higher level attackers.
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Re: Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

Post#3 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:45 am

Try leaving the resource buildings & such where they are but tighten the walls, ring yer HQ & SC with turrets (more on the HQ blindside with deka there) & bring the barracks in. Swap yer turrets tae Rockets (more) & RFTs (max 4) then buff 'em. MTFBWY!

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Re: Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

Post#4 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:05 am

Good tips above.

But I see in your layout you don't care about your resources while you are trying to protect your HQ, but if they reach your HQ, you already lost. Doesn't make sense protect the HQ. There are only 2 kind of defenses in PvP: win the defense at any cost or protect more resources as possible, what always means lose the defense.

But to win defenses you need to upgrade your shields, turrets, walls, traps to the same level of your HQ, turn on your Guard Reserve and defensive equipments in Armory, and fill your SC with Jumps/Snipers/Bikes level 10 because when you upgrade your buildings you raise your base strength and start to be available for attack by players above your level.

I like top north layouts, they are the best for Heroic Defenses, in my opinion the only defense worths to play for. There's nothing you can do to defend your base against a full jump loadout attack, just keep your storage buildings always empty to get away of looters. And win defenses only will give medals, and you can't buy anything with medals. I always say better lose the first defense and get some protection than win one, two, or three defenses in a row and keep losing resources at each one.

If you have Guard Reserve troops, protect the buildings, put barracks and factories inside the base, under shields and surrounded by walls. Not everyone has Jumps or their skins at level 8, so, they will need to blow your walls to come in. Upgrade and buff your walls in Armory, and keep only 2 mortars in oposite sides until you get HQ level 9 and change for sonics. Guard Reserve doesn't prevent you to be defeated but can delay an attack and save 1 or 2 stars, and some resources if you want to protect them. If you have luck and level 10 troops in your SC, you can win the defense.

Let your SC in the middle of the base, in a way to prevent the attacker to bait your troops and HQ close to the SC, but move your Deka to inside the base. Don't let any space inside where they can deploy troops and bait your troops. Good luck!
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Re: Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

Post#5 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:39 am

Balerion7 wrote:Hey Guys,

Recently updated my level 8 Rebel base by spreading it out a little bit, was getting hammered by AT-ATs and losing every defensive battle by 70-80%. Please take a look and suggest any changes/modifications. :geek:

Balerion7 - You are mis-using your Armory.

You need to place all Barracks and Factories under Shield and as far away from any open Deploy Point.

Currently if you had any Guard Reserve Active a Empire Commander could simply destroy all your Barracks and Factories quickly thereby eliminating any Guard Reserve Defense you had.

Do what your Opponents do... If you struggle against a Empire Base with GR... copy their Design Layout so you can get the same advantage.
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Re: Rebel lvl 8 Base - Please Rate and Suggest

Post#6 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:42 pm

Great tips. Thanks guys!

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