Anyone have the numbers on Ong Oppressor's "resilience" trait?

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Re: Anyone have the numbers on Ong Oppressor's "resilience" trait?

Post#11 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:12 pm

DeathStriker wrote:
BiggusSithus wrote:"Resilience: The longer this unit remains in battle, the less damage it takes from attacks, and the more damage it deals."

What are the marginal gains and time intervals?

BiggusSithus - Look here for the Info you seek.

:arrow: ALSO... Read about the recent change posted by Zynga / Natural Motion games.

Thanks for the links, how would you interpret this:

Modifier “Damage stack”
Damage stack apply value as: relativePercent
Damage stack buff ID: buffDamageStack
Damage stack duration: permanent
Damage stack modifier: damage
Damage stack ms first proc: 5s
Damage stack ms per proc: 10s
Damage stack name: Damage stack
Damage stack stack: 5
Damage stack target: self
Damage stack value: 25.0%

Does this dmg stack break down to:

1273 at start, 1591 at 5s, 1989 at 15s, 2486 at 25s, 3108 at 35s and so on? tacking on 25% per 10s interval?

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Re: Anyone have the numbers on Ong Oppressor's "resilience" trait?

Post#12 » Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:10 pm

It looks like it caps at 5 stacks.
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