ls lt Worthy To Upgrade Kubaz/lthorin?

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Re: ls lt Worthy To Upgrade Kubaz/lthorin?

Post#31 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 7:11 pm

The manufacturing time of the Kubaz is not such a worrying thing. We have 4 barracks ..., it's just a matter of how we use them to make troops. Of course, everyone has their own strategy and a defined army. In my case, it doesn't affect me at all to have my kubaz at the highest level. I never dont spend crystals for cook troops for the conflicts.
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Re: ls lt Worthy To Upgrade Kubaz/lthorin?

Post#32 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:59 am

I don't have maxed out frags right now so the single most important stat in this game for me is the gears/stars per minute. I grind on at least 1 planet per conflict that requires PvP and I use 4 kubaz in every loadout so the increased cook time at higher levels reduces the effectiveness of the kubaz. Said another way, if I increase their level, they slow down my attacks, meaning that it takes me longer to get the same number of gears and it takes more real world time to get the same number of gears. A few extra seconds or minutes per attack may not sound like a lot but when you need to make 50+ attacks per conflict per week, it adds up to a TON of time over a year. It's kind of sad that increasing the level of units makes them less effective... having said that, I will not be increasing the levels of my ITTs or MTTs past the 2 minute cook time because right now I only wait 2 minutes between dev base attacks so those level increases will reduce their effectiveness.

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Re: ls lt Worthy To Upgrade Kubaz/lthorin?

Post#33 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 2:17 am

I'm grinding on Tat to get mine from Level 7 to 8.

I encourage anyone who doesn't have them unlocked yet to do so. The unlock is a huge step forward in the game. The stat improvements after that are incremental.

I only use them in Wars these days, but the improved stats are worth it to me. It's the ability to run further and / or take out more than one shield, if the shield generators are close enough, that I like.

Reducing the frag pool is also a factor. The more things you max out, the more frags you get of the units you actually want, as DS said.
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