Best/Easiest Way To Set Up A Second Account

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Re: Best/Easiest Way To Set Up A Second Account

Post#11 » Fri May 31, 2019 11:55 pm

mkenobi wrote:Be careful in create a 2nd account on FB. I had one of my acc blocked because they thought I was some kind of bot spam, and they blocked the SWC account sync to my HQ 8 "mkenobi 2", they wanted me to upload a doc with photo to proof I was human. Fortunately, I had that base connected to one of my Google acc, I just needed to reinstall Bluestack on my PC and recover my base by doing login to Google Play.

I don't know if is possible run Gameroom in the same device with different FB accounts, just changing users and doing login as another user, I don't want to risk... I keep 2 FB Gameroom connected to my Prestige Imperial and Rebel but in different PCs, and both connected with different Google acc for back up in case FB blocks one or another.

yes FB deactivation of an account can be a problem but it can happen for any fb account (to avoid this the advice is not to use famous names or characters from movies like star wars star trek, facebook adopts restrictive policies)

when I played WINDOWS SWC I had 2 bases connected to 2 FB accounts, 2 users on the PC, in each user the game was installed from Windows Store

now I use FB gameroom and I have 3 facebook accounts, with FB gameroom it is possible to logout to use more bases in the same pc user but it is also possible to have 3 pc users with 3 FB gameroom installed because FB gameroom is installed in the user profile

so if the pc is used by different people (mum dad children) and everyone has their profile, everyone can play the game

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