No Skills Necessary-Just Upgrade Your Salvage Transport to Beat Any Player

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Re: No Skills Necessary-Just Upgrade Your Salvage Transport to Beat Any Player

Post#81 » Wed May 15, 2019 12:31 pm

strawman3125 wrote:
lukeskywalker wrote:The cook times at level 10 are 6 minutes and 50 seconds. I don't know if this is an introductory period timer, that will be adjusted upwards later. Even adjusted upwards, I don't think that changes too much. At the current cook time it takes 25 crystals to do an 11 MTT loadout with no wait time. Far less if you are playing sporadically throughout the day on your phone, and have time to cook units in between attacks. Basically 100 attacks for $20.00 and no wait time or some trade-off between dollars and time. In the current environment, it's really starships that are the bottleneck for a lot of Prestige level players. With the MTT loadouts, I use far less starships or none at all at times, and I'm getting in more attacks in less time. I am really enjoying these units.

That is a little too pricey for me! I usually try for 3-5 UCs per conflict and that requires 100 attacks PER PLANET so that would be $60-100 per week!!!!

That's the max, assuming you crystal everything. In practice it's no where near that. I wouldn't use MTT's much for Er'kit for example, outside of this period where I'm experimenting with the units. So many dev bases that a jump loadout works fine on Er'kit. Dando and Tat are low threshold planets, so I would only use a mixed loadout with primarily jets on those planets. I can see using more MTT's on Tako and Yavin. I usually shoot for 3-5 UC's too, so I was definitely not suggesting max crystal usage for all planets. Just suggesting that I would trade-off 100 2 minute attacks with no cook time for that extra time it buys me, to enjoy other things.
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Re: No Skills Necessary-Just Upgrade Your Salvage Transport to Beat Any Player

Post#82 » Wed May 15, 2019 12:51 pm

:!: ALERT: Mercenary Crate Ends in 24 Hours

HQ 7+ Commanders - If you have been thinking of getting some more Salvaged Multi-Troop Transport Frags via the Mercenary Crate in the SHOP you now only have 24 hours or less to make your decision.

:arrow: Tomorrow the Mercenary Crate disappears.
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Re: No Skills Necessary-Just Upgrade Your Salvage Transport to Beat Any Player

Post#83 » Thu May 16, 2019 1:43 am

One of my squadmates decimated an enemy prestige base with only tat and 10 lvl10 Donut wagon samples. The enemy had Erkit and Yavin. No hero and no air needed.

Meanwhile all enemy scs were filled with donut delivery vans. Not that my Fangs cared.

This bodes well for the game.
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