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Re: No longer sandbagging

Post#11 » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:35 am

mkenobi wrote:
PartylikeVader wrote:Just adding some flavor to this discussion:

“Sandbagger” dev bases exist now. Yes - two turret developer bases.

This would seem contrary to the argument that there is an anti-mini base initiative by SWC devs.

I also had this impression, because some bases I find with my mini Imperial HQ 6 are minis at high level, like HQ 9 and 10, but I don't believe Devs would build mini bases only to adjust them to the matchmaking and base strenght of players running mini bases have similar targets to hit. Is too much stupid for my mind.

More and more players are running minis, more and more squads are getting specialized in use minis in squad wars. Our last 3 wars in my Imperial squad were against squad running mini bases, and we lost all, because their HQs are 8, 9 and 10, and my squad only have newbies at 4-5-6, maybe one or two 7.

I also run a mini base, but I keep saying minis are an epidemic. Is funny running a mini and have easy wins, but is stupid and agasint the original SWC strategy, and is helping to ruin the game even more.

The game can't be ruined anymore unless they take hellish measures for it. I don't see the problem when playing against mini bases, on some of my alts I have had wars against mini squads but I'm yet to lose one of them, they are usually the easier wars IMO
Been playing since day 1, was there to see all the blunders this game made, had over 8 accounts (rebel/imp), still no idea why I'm playing.

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