Game need optimization for mobile Android devices

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Game need optimization for mobile Android devices

Post#1 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:39 am

While playing the game on my phone or tablet i'm noticing an increased lag after last update,barracks are loading slowly ,before troops appear in order to be build the game freeze for a second then the troops or vehicles appear and can be selected,if i switch from a barrack to another structure it take like 2/3 seconds,
When i start an attack the screen freeze for a second or two then the counter start and i can attack,sometimes durring the battle the troops are really sloooow ,instead of 2 mins battle it takes 3 ,3.30 mins....
Also when opening the inventory crates from one crate to another it freeze again for a second.
Tested all the buls...t they proposed but same thing.
Either with 4g conection or home wifi
Nothing of this happens when i play on gamerrom from pc ,that makes me think is problem in mobile platform optimization.
Playing on Android 7 with a 8 core /4 gb ram / 64 gb hdd device ,so no quite low...
Anyone else is experiencing same thing?

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Re: Game need optimization for mobile Android devices

Post#2 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:46 pm

Yes I have noticed it has gotten progressively worse the more updates they do over the last year. It has rendered it nearly unplayable on my tablet, and I am sad to say that on my Samsung Galaxy S9 device, their flagship device it is decidely laggy.

They keep adding more and more stuff and pretty visualisations, without rendering the code correctly. Lazy programming. I will not be prematurely updating my device to service the needs of a mobile app even if it is star wars!

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