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Re: R.I.P. PartyLikeVader

Post#71 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:04 pm

Topic Closed

I am closing this Topic due to the main point was made that the Rath Severus Squad PartylikeVader (small "l") was noted to have missing Members.

I am also closing this Topic due to the potential confusion between 2 Squads with similar names.

  1. PartylikeVader (with small "l" in like) - the primary focus of this Topic - NOW currently has 1,640,868 Medals and 30 Members and should not be confused with the Squad shown in #2

  2. PartyLikeVader (with Large "L" in Like) currently has 0 Medals and only 1 Member of which that Member has a Level 2 Base entry level base.
This Topic's OP is free to PM me if they have any concerns about the closing of this Topic.

Anyone interested in either of these Squads is free to search for them in-game.
Death_Striker is looking for ALL Rebel Commanders
Sons_of_Death is looking for Level 8+ Rebel Commanders
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