Idea for more "player" bases

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Idea for more "player" bases

Post#1 » Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:42 am

Just had an idea to add more "player" bases to the pool. Perhaps there's variations of this that would work better...

When a player's base is unavailable because it's:

1. Under a shield
2. The player is online (perhaps continuously for more than 10 minutes? or just, online at all?)
3. The player's base is on a different planet
4. other?

a MIRROR of that base in it's current condition and configuration is available for PvP to other players. If the mirror is defeated or successful defends, it will NOT affect the statistics for the main base. Nevertheless, the attacker can still get an offensive win + medals for his/her stats. Some questions for discussion:

a. Should loot also be mirrored? I'm inclined to say yes.
b. Should Dekas be up, no matter what? Yes? Random?
c. Should armory configuration be mirrored? This could mean that offensive armory is on instead of defensive...fine?
d. Should the mirror be replicated across all planets? I'd say yes...
e. Should there be any indication that the base is a mirror (aka shadow) base? I'm inclined to say no.
f. Should mirror base stats be visible to the primary base owner? This might be hard to track and present in a meaningful way. I'm inclined to say no for this.

Is this crazy or pointless?
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Re: Idea for more "player" bases

Post#2 » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:35 am

Revenge? Sorry, Revenge is always pointless from my point of view... And revenge is not the Jedi way... But this is my experience.

As Rebel, I hope every Imperial to hit 100% my base and give me the 16h protection, and I can open my Crates and collect my resources in peace. As Imperial, most Rebels attacking my base fail miserably against my Rodians and Bursts, they give me lots of medals every day -- why should I revenge those poor bastards?

Revenge is for those below HQ 5 without the planetary, then you know the attacker won't run away to another planet... Then you attack him, he will attack you, and you will atack him again, and this never ends until someone build the planetary and leave the planet...

If you are looting and can't spend everything you earned, you won't stay on the same planet waiting for someone to come revenge, you will move to another planet where you use to be attacked less, and try to save your resources.

If you were attacked, you won't lose your protection only to revenge -- and if is not for all the rival loot is pointless -- you'll lose protection and become available to be attacked by others or the same player will revenge your revenge. If you keep waiting until your protection run out of time, the attacker already relocated or is under protection, or online again...

Revenge is useful if you want loot, and some big guy attacked your base and you can revenge him and get more loot than you use to have looting normally in PvP.

Better than revenge is put a feature in the game where you can challenge other players, if they accept, you guys can join an endurance tournament to see who has more victories over the other.
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Re: Idea for more "player" bases

Post#3 » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:36 am

Revenge isn’t pointless, I’ve made UC on Tat many times just revenging those who attacked me on the L10 base.
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Re: Idea for more "player" bases

Post#4 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:43 am

Sorry if my post wasn't clear. This isn't about revenge at all, it's about having more "real" bases to attack instead of junk dev bases. My theory is that most bases are unavailable for attacking most of the time because of players being either under a shield or online. Having some functionality to make these bases available without breaking the shield/online mechanism is what I'm suggesting.
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