Looking for Squad Wars, fast donations and community?

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Looking for Squad Wars, fast donations and community?

Post#1 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:01 pm

Greetings soldier!

We are MXPerla.

We offer lvl 50 squad perks, fast donations, highly active Squad War participation and best of all... a humble, come-as-you-are community for all who want to belong, be active and build something great! We are looking for warriors who want to be a part of an established group of players who enjoy the game and want more. We have Line communication however membership is not contingent upon utilizing Line; it is however necessary for war comms and strategy.

We understand that there are many choices out there and finding a "home" can be tedious and time consuming. with that in mind, stop by and say hello. You always have the choice to leave but the opportunity to give us a chance to see if the fit is right!

If you would like more details, please feel free to PM me. I'll try to answer any questions you have!

Good luck and good hunting!

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