How is it that?

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Re: How is it that?

Post#11 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:11 pm

It is ridiculous... an completely unbalanced...
Been that way for a long time....
Anyone joining id advise to be a rebel...
Ull get lower bases attack and to attack when uve lost enough medais... but will dib down to ridiculously low level hqs... great for event but otherwise worthless
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Re: How is it that?

Post#12 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:07 am

spootieho wrote:
Zach wrote:Most likely medal count i I say!!

Medal count helps, but not much once you get to a certain number of medals.

My level 8 base has 10,600 medals.
I get flattened by level 10s with 140,000+ medals multiple times per day when on green planets.

I've given up on the concept of PVP defense.

Have a level 9 base and reduced the medals to around 5000is and have the following choice:

Find the current match making situation less than ideal for my L9 full Reb base.

- green planets:
Get attacked and flattened mostly by rank 28 buffed to the max L10 imps.
On the plus side, the bases I attack are usually real ones on my level and the loot opportunities on revenge attacks are sometimes not bad (but most of the time they guard their resources really well and I get slaughtered before I can score much).
Overall though, this is the place to go if I want the resources for upgrades / research but also if I wanted to get EP for crates (find it too much like work for my L9 base, so I gave up on that. Just try to collect a few crates here and there.

- Tatooine: Get attacked by L9-10 imps, can usually handle this but not several in a row.
Forget about revenge since the attackers have either relocated or are under protection.

Bases I see when attacking are usually full L10 dev bases with no loot, so at best 2 stars and the attack costs more than I earn.

- Erkit: Seemed the worst to me - got attacked by the same type of players as on the green planets but in terms of revenge the same situation as on Tatooine.

Thinking about it, I would rather have my base wiped out 100% by a strong attacker giving me extended protection than several attacks by weaker opponents with none or short protection. In the end, I lose more resources that way.

That said, it's not that different with my L8 Imp base - on green planets I see almost exclusively low loot L10 dev bases and on Tatooine the base is flattened by L10 rebels but the pros and cons are really the same.

This is not really that much fun - would love to have similar strength real bases on both attack and defense.

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Re: How is it that?

Post#13 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:29 pm

By the way...

In the last 2 weeks, most of my attacks have been a much more fair playing field on most planets. I am not seeing as many HQ10 bases anymore on offense unless I am on Tat due to the dev bases.
They have definitely made improvements to offensive matchups.

On the flip side, though... It seems that mostly only HQ10s hit my base. These aren't week 10s. When I look them up on ksod, they have 140,000+ medals usually. I really have no chance on defense anymore.

Per resources. I usually don't sweat them. I can go on offense and get what I need, whenever I need it at level 8. I don't doubt it's much more difficult at 9 or 10, but at 8 and below resources are pretty easy to come by.
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Re: How is it that?

Post#14 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:04 am

So it really is a trade off - if you want to be able to attack bases your level, you need to be prepared to be wiped out by much stronger bases (who may or may not offer great loot in return).

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Re: How is it that?

Post#15 » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:00 pm

How is it, that I am a level 7 player (maxed up to 7 on rank 11) I hit find an opponent and get offered a fully maxed up 10 on rank 25??? The base was huge!!!
At L7 I doubt I would have made much of a dent at all!
That was more a case of mis-matching!!!

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