Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Tips and Strategies for Attacking Rivals.
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Re: Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Post#51 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:24 pm

Defenders wrote:It works! I am super surprised, remember we were arguing about others not trying new loadouts and just complaining?

Everywhere but hoth. I have no answer for the cold mhcs + snipers

Yeh im having fun and as far as my personal gameplay goes dont care if they nerf it, but i know alot others feel differently.
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Re: Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Post#52 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 5:22 am

One small tip that may be helpful in specific situations: Twileks appear to be immune to damage from Banthas/Dewbacks (I seem to recall them having a resistance to splash damage). If you can bait a wave of those units onto a twi, that wave is effectively negated.

Might be useful on Hoth. *shrug*
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Re: Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Post#53 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:33 am

So my tactics is slowly moving towards blitzkrieging. Annoyingly, my blitzkrieg loadout isn't very well suited for people without guard equi[ment.
So now I do 1-2 stars against bases without and 0-2 stars against bases with.

My go to hero has swapped from my lvl8 luke and lvl7 R2 to Lvl2 Kessen. His ability to one shot enemies without getting in range (like Leia) is helping quite a bit and his railgun has also bailed me out either by severly weakening buildings, or by knocking down a congaline of enemy guards. I could probably do better if I started using more SC or air, but that doesn't seem very sustainable.

0 star failures being composed pretty much solely out of bases that have snipers active. It's not even just the snipers, it's the healbots. Snipers are really bad, but healbots and snipers are worse.
The healbots happely go to heal laat trap troops or banthas after I bomb the first wave of snipers. I can't even kill a sniper by dropping 3 troopers next to it because the healbot fixes him right up.

Has any rebel had any good luck at taking out bases with snipers?
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Re: Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Post#54 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:32 pm

Digging up this old thread in hopes of giving a glimmer of help in an otherwise near-impossible win scenario.

With all the fragments for Senator Leia being spewed out by the Naval Assault event (seems like the crates just don't have any of the new units or skin), I've upgraded Senator Leia to level 6. She's a beast there. I prefer her to Kessen now; baiting an SC and dealing with it with Leia beats sniping an SC. In particular, Senator Leia has two real advantages:

1) Her super-high health makes her an absolute meat shield. I often use HER as my second bait. I'll trigger the SC and dekas, then drop a reb far off, then drop Leia behind the reb, then start dropping jets. Senator Leia can take an amazing amount of damage at high levels.

2) Second, she spawns Rebel soldiers like nobody's business. If you drop her early enough, she can spew out 12-20 Rebel Commandos, which is awesome. The problem with guard reserve is the sheer overwhelming numbers of units for your jets to deal with. Senator Leia fights fire with fire (numbers vs. numbers).

A couple warnings, though:

1) You still need a really badly designed base to attack. Leia is no match for Rodians under shields or a barracks or factory on the other side of the base, which will make her suicide when wave 2 or 3 spawns.

2) Sonics make really short work of her. Hit points mean nothing when the damage is 50%. Medships are fantastic for her for this same reason.

So Leia is not the solution. But she is a real help if you have her.
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Re: Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Post#55 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:03 pm

Your friendly neighborhood PhoenixAZ here, looking to offer more help if anybody needs it.

A) A tip most higher-level players are using now: carry a repair droid to bait out GR units. Since most of our load-outs now are jets/jumps, do the following:

1) Trip dekO (and SC, if desired).
2) Let entire first wave of GR spawn.
3) Lure dekO and GR troops out with a repair droid.
4) Either line up Kessnipe on SC/barracks with dekO or ambush dekO and SC troops with jets/jumps. The first GR wave will be stuck on the repair droid and will ignore your forces. Remember not to deploy any mech, or your repair droid will move, get killed, and the GR/SC troops will switch their attention to your forces.
5) Drop any mech you may be bringing, probably TX-225s.

Of course, wherever possible, you'll want to lay out your troops where they will then proceed to take out the barracks, or as many of them as possible. If you luck out on a fairly weak base, you can split your forces, with some ambushing the GR troops and the other half going to town on the base.

The only real "trick" here is using the repair droid for bait.

B) If droidekas are not present, you can use spawned GR units for a Kessnipe. Lure them out with a repair droid, line up Kessen,and fire. Works best with clumped stormies, so Kessen doesn't kill the sniper/Rodian/dewbacks before he fires the supershot.

C) Of course, as some have pointed out, another viable option is to lure the GR troops to one side of the base while you launch an attack on the other side and just plan on getting to 50-60% before the initial wave makes it back to wipe out your forces.

Hope this is helpful to some. Feel free to correct, add to, or criticize. Cheers!
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Re: Success against guard reserve bases (Rebel strategies)

Post#56 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:41 am

I am a maxed lvl7 except for mercs. havent upgraded them yet. What i do is look at the base layout 1st then decide before the 30 seconds are up. Some bases will have their barracks and factories outside of the shield and walls. these are easy pickings. I use 24 rebel soldiers with the proper armory boost (desert/forest), 8 heavies with boost, 4 med droids, 4 vanguards for traps, Liea since she is a infantry killer, 2 A-wings to help bring down shields, and finally 2 hwk-290s they are infantry killers. Once i choose the base i tgt each barracks with 4 RS and the factories as well, as the troops are deploying i use the hwk-290s to destroy those defenders with ease. the barracks and factories go down very easy, Then its only a matter of time to get that high 90% if not the 100% perfect kill.

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