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Squad war

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Was just enquiring about Armoury and SC in squad wars.

A) Do troops donated on war page (shows red text) stay after being attacked? I ask because I attacked the same base in quick secession and the same snipers came out. So either the got replace really quick or the same troops stayed for the next attack.

B) Do Armoury upgrades work in Squad Wars? They don't seem to work for an attack but do they for defence?

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Re: Squad war

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The troops in the sullust sc, always stay the same for the wohle war. Regardless if they were killed in a previous attack. And you can only order them during the preparation phase. The Droidekas are always atcive too.

As the war is on Sullust no armory upgrades do work there, neither offensive nor defensive ones.

The armory upgrades only work when attacking Factory Outposts. You have to be on a planet of the same kind for that.

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Re: Squad war

Post#3 » Fri May 11, 2018 8:00 am

Hey Blackett!

First of all, welcome to the forum! :)

Here are the answers to your questions:-

1. I must agree with Schruaf, that the troops donated for the defensive Squad Center on Sullust, will remain throughout the war, regardless of being killed.

So even if you attack the same base three times, the same troops will come out of the SC, regardless o whether you killed them in the last attack.

2. No Armory Buffs for Defense or Offense are used in Sullust. You cannot Attack using the buffs even if you have them activated in your armory.

The only way to have the upper hand in wars is by capturing outposts. They provide a great advantage only if you capture them.

Hope this answers your questions...

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