What to use against Imperial bikes?

Tips and Strategies for Attacking Rivals.
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Re: What to use against Imperial bikes?

Post#11 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:38 pm

As an Imp player, I can only say that resistance is futile. Nothing can stop our superior forces from repelling the invaders. Vader himself will hear of any plots to attack our bases.
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Re: What to use against Imperial bikes?

Post#12 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:54 am

nunovix wrote:Dont have Fangs,Twileks or Luke yet, so i'll have to manage with the Skiffs :)

Dealing with Imp bikes:

Skiff method
Using 1 or 2 skiffs.
Bait the SC. Lure the bikes to a clear space across the map by deploying a med droid / slow unit (bantha / gammorean?) there.

Deploy at least one skiff near the bait, and in the path of the bikes. The bikes will ignore it as they head to the lure, and the skiff will one-shot-kill the lead bike, and then take out another bike after it stops near the bait to shoot it. With practice on skiff placement, it will be able to take out a third bike before being destroyed.

As the bikes reach the lure unit you either
1) deploy another skiff to help take out more bikes, or
2) deploy 2-3 heavies and a med droid. The heavies will then destroy the bikes and then go on to clear the next nearest building / unit.

Please note, this method takes some practice.

Twilek method
Once you unlock the cantina, you'll need to upgrade it a couple of times to get twileks. Once you do, dealing with bikes will become a lot easier.

Method: Bait and lures the bikes, as described before. When the bikes stop near your lure unit, deploy two twileks on them (on them, not by them, but on top of them). When the bikes kill the twileks, the twileks explode and take out the bikes as well. If the twileks are not deployed on top of the bikes, but near the bikes, the explosion will not take them all out.

Luke (IIRC) unlocks at level 9. He provides the best method in my view.

Bait the SC as before, but this time you will use Luke as your lure to draw the bikes to wherever you are going to destroy them. As the bikes near him, activate his lightsaber special ability (twirl). Then while the bikes shoot pointlessly at Luke, deploy whatever you are going to use to destroy them, skiffs, heavies, twileks, fang fighters.

Once you unlock them, fang fighters are brilliant for taking out bikes.
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