Sample troop level visual bug

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Sample troop level visual bug

Post#1 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:16 pm

So for whatever reason I have samples of Gammorean Guards that are lvl 2 (I guess because I got these before I 'unlocked' them from the cantina?) and in my cantina they are level 4.
When I click on Gammorean guard the popup ui shows I have Sample Gammorean guard (level 2) and trainable Gammorean guard (Level 4) but then if I click on (i) info for the trainable one, again shows level 4, and go (<-)Back Sample is now showing level 4. I can goto (i) info on the sample and it still shows that it is level 4 but if I use the sample I get Sample Gammorean guard (level 2).
Must be a bug since the last update with the popup interface.

Also why don't samples level up to the trainable level of them? Doesn't make sense.

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Re: Sample troop level visual bug

Post#2 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:27 pm

Mava11 wrote:... why don't samples level up to the trainable level of them? Doesn't make sense.

Mava11 - HQ Samples always are the SAME CURRENT LEVEL as the Governing Building.

In this Case if your Cantina is Level 2 then all Mercenary Unit HQ Samples will be Level 2.

PRIME EXAMPLE: The Cantina can be Upgraded to Max Level 8.

  • Twi'leks Upgraded to Level 10 can be "cooked" at Level 10 but Twilek HQ Samples will appear as Level 8.
  • Drabatan Saboteurs have a Max Level of 5 so from Cantina Level 5+ both Samples and Cooked Saboteurs (that are Level 5) will match.
:arrow: In the case of the Barracks or Factory the Highest Level Structure determines the HQ Sample Level.
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