facebook gameroom out AGAIN

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facebook gameroom out AGAIN

Post#1 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:44 am

yet again.... another fuckup on behalf of disney... how can disney put focus on and release a new game of star wars, when they can't even handle costumerbuilding on this version of star wars..???


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Re: facebook gameroom out AGAIN

Post#2 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:15 am

just had 2 game crashes in a row losing stars and conflict points... most annoying!
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Re: facebook gameroom out AGAIN

Post#3 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:18 pm

My kid logged on to is base which is on gameroom and it's completely gone - re-started at the beginning. Logged in and out and it's still gone.

Was a pretty built out level 7 base. Anyone else has this issue ?

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Re: facebook gameroom out AGAIN

Post#4 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:43 pm

My game room acct. was totally wiped out ! And no s.w.c. log in allowed . f.b. nor Disney will give any answers .

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Re: facebook gameroom out AGAIN

Post#5 » Thu May 10, 2018 10:10 pm

Bumping this post from 5 months ago....because THE SHIT STILL ISN'T FIXED YET!!!


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