Is this player a cheater or another Replay Glitch?

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Is this player a cheater or another Replay Glitch?

Post#1 » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:25 pm

In January this year, I was leader of Forcerebeld squad on Windows with my Rebel secondary base, and my squadmate Barrister (who became the leader after I leave the squad) shared a Replay where his base was attacked by user Gocho. According to the Replay he won the battle, but the Battle Log shown was a defeat. I recorded the video (but deleted after) but took prints and sent a ticket to Disney Support:



I know this can be what they call in the Support as Replay Issue, or Replay Glitch, where the replay is different from the Battle Log and Disney Support always says to trust only in the Battle Log, not in what our eyes are seing. Okay, here is the answer:


Some weeks ago, my primary Empire base on Windows was attacked by drusses heroes from The_Resistance squad and according to Replay I won the battle, but the Battle log shown was a Defeat. I annalized the replay and concluded that could be really a Replay Glitch - see all the post, with the video of the attack.

Now, I'm a member of Rednammoc2 squad with my rebel secondary base, and today our leader shared a Replay where he was attacked, got a victory but the Battle Log shown was a defeat. I watched the replay and recorded it, I am sharing the video:

Well, I found the attacker name familiar, so I checked the email I sent to Disney in January and WOW is the same player GOCHO! He was level 6 when he attacked Barrister, and now he is a level 7. I watched the Replay a few times, I checked the troops he used in the Battle Log, and are the same we can see in the replay. Despite the fact he is a level 7 attacking a level 9 full of donated troops in his squad center, how are the chances he have really won this Battle against our leader?

Very strange, isn't. I asked our leader for the Gocho's squad name, and he said is THE-REBEL-EMPIRE, but looking for the squad, i couldn't find that player GOCHO in it. Maybe can be a change of replays, and the attacker name is another and he was put as being from that squad, or this player GOCHO is really cheating, somehow changing the results of his lost battles to victories? And two times is too much coincidence for be just another glitch, don't you think?

I won't send another ticket to Disney, they will say is a Replay Issue. I'm just sharing the information and waiting if anyone else has another experience with this user Gocho in some Replay Glitch too?
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