MandalorianFett is Looking for ACTIVE Players for War

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MandalorianFett is Looking for ACTIVE Players for War

Post#1 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:23 pm

Hi everyone! MandalorianFett is looking for new active members. OPEN TO ALL. You don’t need to be 8+ or have 5k medals to join!! Only requirement is English only and you want to participate in war. If you are someone looking for your first squad or switching squads for a new challenge, come find us!

** Note: When you find us just mention Khaos so we know where you came from. You can also find me on Line at khaostheory34

MandalorianFett - Level 37 (not maxed but we are pushing for all perks)
Current War Record - 13 - 7 - 4 (recently ranked in war and top 2000 on leaderboard)
Line app - Required for War
Available spots - 2-6

The best reason to join us is that we have veteran leadership who have been on the game since launch, who know how to compete in war, and can assist in learning and strategy. We also have a solid middle core of active members who have only been around for 1 year or so, so we are also learning along with you, including myself.

Some other important things to mention...

- We are a casual, but active squad. We are beginner friendly, So while we care about winning in War, we also want everyone to grow their bases, try new things, and have fun doing it. We encourage and participate in the events and conflicts and will help you through them as well. But in the end, Our first priority is to have members excited to participate in war. Even if you aren’t immediately comfortable, we will help get you there.

- At this time, we only war once a week but with enough active members we would love to do 2x each week

- We have only two big rules - First, be active and willing to communicate. Second, donate what is asked for. Honor the request... This is the way.

- Finally, we are mostly located in the US, but do have a few people overseas and several of us in US are up late nights / early morning, so you should always find someone around.

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Re: MandalorianFett is Looking for ACTIVE Players for War

Post#2 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 3:55 pm

Hi Everyone,

We are still looking for some active members to join the squad. We are currently participating in the events and conflict to help build the squad, but are trying to fill up for the next war in a week or two.

Always reach out at KhaosTheory34 here or on Line.

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