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Post#61 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:37 am

Still currently looking for a few new members to join our Squad, and be part of our Team. We War every weekend either on Saturday or Sunday depending on the match up process and how long it takes. What we need our Lvl6, Lvl7, Lvl8 or possibly higher to help round our Squad. We do have a few rules: 

1) Donate right/correct troops that are being requested 
2) Communicate through Squad Chat on game or "Line" app if possible also
3) English doesn't need to be your 1st language, but you need to be able to communicate 
4) Participate in Squad War's if your chosen or request to be part of it

Don't really think the rules are that harsh at all. If your interested in being part of our Squad you can post here or send me a private message or contact me on "Line" app. My contact information is below in my signature. Or if you want to your more than welcome to come drop by the Squad for a visit.
Squad Name: killer'squad

Main Base: Prestige Killer12673
2nd Base: Level 7 Killer12673_2.0

Squad Perk Level: 49

Line ID: killer12673

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