Blueforce_EC Rebel Squad Ranked 505

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Blueforce_EC Rebel Squad Ranked 505

Post#1 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 11:10 pm

Blueforce_EC Rebel Squad wins battles and develops quality SWC citizens prepared to face down any threat.

“The Blueforce Rebellion Call” reinforces the distinctive way Rebels fight and we win our battles at an excellent level. As such, we intended to communicate to new prospects and influencers alike that nothing is as vital to mission success as a Rebel who is willing to first communicate in English or Spanish, follow a well developed plan, learn from experienced high level players that are great teachers, engage the enemy by being a active player and be determined to defeat any opposing force – as long as there are Rebels, there will be “Battles Won”.

Imperial teams know who the Rebel team Blueforce_EC is -- whether described as ‘The Fierce. The Great Surprise,’ by our constant beating of the strongest players and teams, or the honorable ferocity displayed on battlefields that establishes and maintains our ‘Imperial Killer’ moniker,” it shows our Rebellion defining capability to project a self-contained and overwhelming Rebellion Task Force from a space-based location to an Imperial objective. But most importantly, “our success remains reliant upon the indomitable fighting spirit of our team and each members determination to win”

If you’re a level 5 or higher Rebel and have that unending desire to be on a successful and winning squad... reach out to us for consideration we have a few spots left to fill.

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