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Officer Recruiting

Post#1 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:22 am

Greetings Commander. Are you looking for a chance to become an Officer? Do you have Officer experience?
We are a longtime squad who are looking to expand our members. We are looking for an officer candidate, who will be in charge of recruitment. All that means is that you activily participate on this forum and post at least once a week.

We are A Wookie Nation: We have been around since the beginnng of Star Wars Commander. We have helped train many padawans into full Jedi. We are a laid back group who likes to help and donates regularly. Our squad perks are a full level 40+. Many of our most excellend members have left to move on to elite Squads. Many of them still keep in touch. Which goes without saying.

Free free to stop by and visit us, or just say hello. We have our squad open at the moment. We are recruiting regular members of all levels as well.

Squad name: AWookieNation

May the F=ma Be With You!

Officer MarshallMatrix

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