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Rey's_Raiders-Your Casual, But Great Squad

Post#1 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:48 am

We have a few openings in Rey's_Raiders. If you have seen my previous posts, you know we describe ourselves as a casual squad. It's not that we don't take the game seriously. It's that we are a good home for players who may want to ease off on the hours they spend playing, but not lose the benefits they enjoy.

We are a lvl50 squad.
We DO NOT use the Line App.
We have a more laid-back approach.
We War several times per week. (Billy runs our Wars. Let him know your availability/preferences.)
We are mostly HQ10s, but welcome others with a minimum of 2000 medals.
We have several people with multiple accounts. Bring yours as well, or join us and start a second baby base.
We are mostly North American, but have a few people in Europe.
We generally have someone on 24/7 for donating.
We know how to donate. We know how to fight. But most importantly, we have fun and lower the intensity a bit.

We need you:
To be able to communicate in English.
To chat just enough to learn your preferences, location, and general availability.
To donate occasionally, but definitely use and keep your SC full.
To only donate lvl10 stuff for War SC defenses.

Pretty simple.

If you are looking to idle back your play some, or if you are moving up in the game but are intimidated by some intense squads. Check us out. Search Rey's_Raiders or just Rey and you usually can find us.

Thanks for reading,

Mark - Kram1 (and Kram2) Leader of Rey's_Raiders

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