Looking for Active Players to join for squad wars

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Looking for Active Players to join for squad wars

Post#1 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 7:46 am

Hello fellow Rebel Commanders!

Our squad BornToWar is currently searching for players that are interested in being active in squad wars. We have lost several members over the last few months and are down to 13 members. We are an active, friendly squad that typically does 2 squad wars per week. Sunday night is a given and then usually Thursday night or Friday night start time. Our squad war record is 143-13-6. We do have a 500 medal requirement and also require that you log in daily. Our troop donation requirements are to donate what is asked for. During squad wars, troop donation is taken care of by our higher levels. The exception is that you can donate what is asked for to the level 9-10s.
We are an English speaking only squad.

We are BornToWar and will crush the Empire!

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