BB8_Resistance is Recruiting!

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BB8_Resistance is Recruiting!

Post#1 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:33 pm

HQ Level 5+ ONLY

The BB8_Resistance is an active squad with at least 2 wars per week. We use LINE chat for strategy and communication in and out of war efforts and we are a well organized squad that stay in touch with each other.

We are looking for active, dedicated, mature players.

1.Be active (Inactive 14+ days are removed unless they contact a squad officer beforehand)
2.Do NOT donate Banthas or Pathfinders unless specifically requested.
3.ONLY donate specified troops to requests for specific units.
4.Donate as much as you receive (within reason)
5.Not participating in a war you've been included in will result in probation, this means you'll be excluded from the next war you are eligible for. Three consecutively missed wars will result in removal.
6.Keep your base leveling evenly. (No lvl 9 HQ with lvl 4 towers, for instance.) It makes an easier game for you and better chances in wars for the squad.
7. NO CUSSING. We have some younger members and keep a clean chat. Repeated offences will result in removal.

We look forward to seeing you in-game! MTFBWY!
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