Recruiting active Rebel players for AWookieNation

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Recruiting active Rebel players for AWookieNation

Post#1 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:19 pm

AWookieNation now Recruiting and Looking for a few good Rebels.

Has your Squad Center been feeling rather empty lately? Have you not been getting the troops you want or the help you need to be a success? Do you feel a deep aching desire to have that empty void filled? To have each day filled with joy and happiness. To share in a wonderful group of people. To share in their joy and passion for each other, the game, and winning strategies to help make each battle a winning one. You may have looked far and wide for such a thing, but your search is done. You've been lost but now you're found, because here at AWookieNation, a nice easy going great group of guys and gals are all that and a bag of chips (sold separately). Signing up is simple and easy, and our main requirements are that you be active, friendly, participate and have at least 1,000 medals to show you're serious. We also ask members to join Slack chat for easier communication between fellow members. Don't delay! Apply today!

P.S. Joining will give you access to some level 8 donated goodies.

P.P.S. Please include your email address when applying so a Slack invite can be sent to you.

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