New Climates for the SWC !

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New Climates for the SWC !

Post#1 » Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:05 pm

Greetings, SWC Commanders !!

After several years playing this game, beyond the addition of new units and the new Prestige level ..., I have not really noticed in recent times a significant advance in the field of graphics. One of the things that gives meaning to this game is the atmosphere according to the planet in which we are playing. And this is where the SWC lacks too much to shine .. So, based on this, these days I have been using a video editing software and an idea occurred to me. Using different FX effects and sounds of recorded natural environments I mixed them with some of my videos of attacks on different planets. The result is what you will see next:

Snow Storm in Hoth
Feel the power of the true reigning COLD on the icy planet of Hoth, hurricane winds and intense snow that will freeze you to the bone ! All this in the middle of a fierce battle ! BRRR !!!!

Thunderstorm & Rainy days in Dandoran
A strong storm of thunders and constant rains falls on the forested planet of Dandoran, as in the remaining green planets, while a fierce battle takes place. Don't worry about looking out the window, the water will only come out of your screen !!

Sandstorm & Thunders in Tatooine
Powerful sandstorms that are accompanied by strong winds and thunder ravage the desert planets of tatooine and erkit make fighting here almost an impossible mission. Be careful with the sand, don't breathe it !

It would be interesting if the devs applied new weather effects to the game, it would give it more atmosphere. Obviously this could affect the performance of some cell phones, but an option could be added to enable / disable if necessary.
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