Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.
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Post#11 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:40 am

As long as the devs are not going to fix the attack vs defense balance or the matching algorithms the more you skip the easier your opponents should be and it should not be more expensive to skip more. In fact the more you skip the higher % chance of finding a dev base, say 25% for the first skip, 50%, 75%, 100%, so you are guaranteed to find a dev base within 5 scouts. Currently it is really broken... many times I have had to skip for more than 30 minutes, 60+ bases, to find an opponent that I had a chance of getting a 3 star against. I am not really playing the game at that point, just kitting a skip button and getting more and more frustrated with the game... all the while knowing that players of the other faction are finding dev bases withing 5 skips on the same planet.

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Post#12 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:40 am

yes, I've spent 30 minutes, sometimes more, hitting skip until I find a config that I'm willing to throw my 2-3 hours of forces at (if you build a full set of air, it can easily take that long).

Hitting base after base after base every 5 minutes ... that's not my reality.
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Post#13 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:01 am

I don't attack in PvP with my two Prestige anymore. But playing as Rebel HQ 8 and HQ 9, I can't find Dev bases on any planet, just Live bases always above my level. I need to skip dozens of bases until I find something I can beat, like a weak HQ 9 for my HQ 8 (maxed out), and a weak HQ 10/11 for my HQ 9 (currently with 28k medals).

The big problems of the game are:

Armory Imbalance between Attack Vs Defense

Prestige players cannot complain about matchmaking because there is no one above them, and they are eventually combined with weak HQ 10 or HQ 11. For these players, the problem is Armory, which often allows the defense to overcome the attack and makes it impossible to win against defensively better equipped bases. If you don't have the right skins or the most powerful units like MTTs and Trucks, you're dead.

For mid-level players (HQ 6, 7, 8 and 9), the current PvP system makes it impossible for players at these levels to advance in conflicts when they are a) maxed out to most buildings; b) have a high number of medals; c) do not have Armory equipment that allows them to beat bases above their level.

The only solution for these players is to dump medals or build sandbagging bases to survive in the current matchmaking system.
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Post#14 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:09 pm

The whole PvP situation is kind of laughable right now... just imagine if dev bases disappeared! I don't think that many Prestige level players (not medal dumped or sandbagged) would even be able to complete events within the week, let alone get multiple bonus crates. You need well over 100 3-star wins to complete an event, just image trying to get 100+ 3-star wins against live player bases within a week! You would not be able to wait 2-3 hours between attacks for full air support if you wanted to complete the event in time! It is funny that they have made PvP so difficult that you cannot complete events or win conflicts without easy dev bases, medal dumping or sand bagging.

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