Game Improvements

Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.

Game Improvements

Post#1 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:09 pm

Let me start off by saying it’s nice to see forums back up and running and for something new for the end game players.

Been playing for years now so figured I’d throw out some suggestions that seem to be easier fixes but would add value back to the game.

1. Squad wars matchmaking - it’s terrible and there seems to be way more Imperial squads out there over Rebel. I play both a rebel and imp account. Matchmaking is instant for my imperial squad and takes 2-12 hours for our rebel squad. Besides the difference in wait times, matchmaking is just broken. Not claiming to have a fix for that part but if you based it mostly on the lvls in the war and then defensive base strength it would be better. I think currently the total base strength is included and in a war it shouldn’t matter if your factory is lvl 1 or 10 as much.

2. Guard Reserve - Not only do the events to get shards not come around often, its completely unbalanced. Both sides get regular troops, bikes and rocket guys. Naturally imp bikes are stronger than rebel bikes so already not balanced. The other 2 GR for rebels are banthas and skiffs. Imps get snipers and MHC. The training cost difference is over 10 spots. The original reason was “rebels use troops, imps use vehicles”. Since Jet/Jump skins came out, most people use that, so the rebel “anti vehicle” matters less and less. The fix, give Rebels snipers and get rid of banthas. MHC vs Skiff is still unbalanced but the sniper thing is an easy fix.

3. Fix what’s broken instead of adding new content - new content is great but there are so many worthless units out there that need to and can be fixed. Heroes especially come to mind as R2 is worthless, even with the 3PO skin. In the Catina, Dowutin Hunters, worthless. I could pick apart about half the other regular units too but not trying to write a novel. If you want to add new content, make it cool, stop giving us some random character from whatever the newest film is. You have Jump troops, you have flame throwing Twileks, how hard is it to make a Mandalorian unit for the Catina?

4. More Squad Features. Currently we have a leader, officers (who basically can start wars and boot people) and everyone else. Add more content here. Additional titles (or even custom titles) would add value to the game. Make the permissions customizable too. Currently, if your squad leader isn’t around you can’t change messages or recruiting options. In a more perfect world officers could do that and you could also distinguish between veteran and new players. Many times, its ideal not to let everyone have the ability to start squad wars. It is however, a nice moral boost to have a title promotion as recognition. The chat is also still just terrible, if we could have a squad message that an officer or leader could post that would help a ton with communication.

There’s probably more but start there. If I logged in next week and could give out some extra titles to squad members, guard reserved was balanced, we had mandalorian catina units and squad war matchmaking made any kind of sense it would be a better game.

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