Possible new units and event: Forces of Corruption

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Possible new units and event: Forces of Corruption

Post#1 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:21 pm

As you know, Star Wars Uprising brought the Zann Consortium back into the canon, but only via a mention. If the game hadn't been shut down, we probably would've gotten more than just a mention, we'd probably have done combat against them. How it relates to this post? Well, I've been thinking of some new units (again) and I think I have something you guys might find interesting.

While it isn't stated when the Consortium rose in power in the Disney canon, I've decided that they'd probably rose up some time after the battle of Yavin, as that's when their story begins in Empire at War Forces of Corruption. They would attack both the empire and the rebellion to get what they wanted, and both sides tell the player to take the corrupt gang out on top of their signature foe (I remember Mon Mothma saying that she couldn't stand the Zann Consortium's corruption methods taking advantage of the war to capture slaves). Now, with this, I decided that the event focused around them would work as followed: During the event, the Zann Consortium will attack your base with their armies (I'll list their units below) like how the rancor or the upcoming zombie event works. However, they will have some rather unusual tactics (e.g., they will use starfighter strafing runs on each wave to make things harder for you). Still, if you're resourceful enough to repel these attacks, in addition to the units you'll get to unlock during this event, you'll also get unit samples of the Zann Consortium army. Anyhow, let's start by giving you the rundown of their forces:

Mercenary Assault Trooper - Essentially the rebel trooper/storm trooper of the consortium. However, they have at least 3 times the health and attack power, part because of their disruptor rifles. As such, they take up 3 units. Generalists.

Defiler - The wookie warrior/dark trooper of the consortium. A bruiser that targets turrets, these things are the main agents that help the consortium spread corruption across the galaxy. Take up 5 units.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Defiler

Grenadiers - The looters of the consortium, their grenades help them blast through walls and traps as they make their way towards resource structures. Takes up 3 units.

Droideka Mark 2 - The heavies of the consortium, their many blasters plus ion cannons allow them to puncture through enemy lines, even shields, with ease. 7 units each, generalist.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Droideka_Mark_II

Mercenary Assault Air Trooper - The jet/jump troopers of the consortium, their use of disruptor rifles plus jet packs makes them dangerous in the air. 9 units each, generalist.

MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon - the T2-B/AT-ST of the consortium, these tanks have serious splash damage and are well armed. 8 units each, generalist.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/MZ-8_Mobile_Pulse_Cannon

F9-TZ Transport - The "wookie truck"/"imperial bus" of the Consortium, this thing is armed with some decent weapons and will deploy two defilers into battle at a rate depending on its level. 13 units each, generalist.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/F9-TZ_Transport

Missile Attack Launcher - The Hailfire Droid/Mobile Heavy Cannon of the consortium, these things will target enemy turrets with their missiles. They have special carbonite missiles that can slow down enemy turret fire, making attacking them much safer. 9 units each. Bruiser.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Missile_Attack_Launcher

Canderous-class assault tank - A fusion of the AAT and Juggernaught/2-M repulsor and AT-AT, these powerful tanks will target turrets with its mass drivers. 12 units each. Bruiser.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Canderou ... sault_tank

StarViper-class attack platform - Essentially the x-wing/tie fighter of the consortium, but will do greater damage. 5 units each, generalist. FYI, they aren't effected by u-wing/tie brute gear.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/StarVipe ... k_platform

GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat - The y-wing/tie bomber of the consortium, these bombers do wonders against structures, even more so than their y-wing or tie bomber cousins. 4 units each, favorite target is buildings.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/GAT-12_Skipray_Blastboat

Rihkxyrk assault fighter - The a-wing/tie advanced of the consortium, they'll use their missiles to destroy enemy shields. 10 units each.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rihkxyrk_assault_fighter

Urai Fenn - Second in command of the Zann Consortium, he will target enemy infantry and vehicles alike. He is able to heal himself over time.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Urai_Fen

Silri - One of the few surviving Night Sisters, Silri has committed herself to the Zann Consortium with the intentions of finishing off the jedi and getting revenge on the empire for what happened to her fellow witches. Will target enemy heroes.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Silri

Cuddles the Rancor - Essentially a rage rancor hero, this guy is Silri's personal mount. He will target enemy turrets and take them out with a mighty slam.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cuddles

Tyber Zann - The leader and founder of the Zann Consortium, Tyber Zann intends to make his criminal empire so large, it'll make Black Sun look like a swoop gang. Wants to destroy the empire for expelling him from the imperial academy, and will attack the rebels for getting in his way of corrupting the galaxy. He is a generalist, but his weapon can take out clustered enemies easily. He can also bribe your own troops to fight against you, so be careful.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tyber_Zann

The way their attacks work, the fighters will strafe at your base when each wave begins, and then the troops - randomly generated - will attack. A random Zann Consortium hero will enter the fray on wave two, so make sure you still have fighters, squad troops, and heroes ready to fight them.

Now, for the units you'll get from this (since this is focused around the Zann Consortium it'll add a few mercenaries to the lineup, but I think you'll like what I thought up):

T-wing/Tie Scout - Since we don't have any fighter that will target traps, I figured these two, since they're not the most powerful fighters out there, should have the role. They will target an area about as big as the Hawks/Decimators and fire some missiles that, while not very strong, will take out any traps in that area. Takes up 1 unit of space in the star command (this is for those whose fighter composition leaves a space of 1 in it to be able to fill it). 32 frags each.
T-wing: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/R60_T-wing_interceptor
Tie Scout: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/TIE/sr_starfighter

Starhawk Speeder Bike - (essentially a mercenary speeder bike) These mercenary driven speeder bikes will target enemy infantry, for the right price. Upon taking lethal damage, they will activate their engine to suicide bomb the nearest structure, blowing up on impact. 6 units each. Will target infantry.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Starhawk_speeder_bike

WLO-5 battle tank - The weequay who drive these tanks have a taste for battle. Their tanks will push past enemy lines towards enemy turrets to destroy them, bashing down walls to do so. 10 units each. (mercenary version of the aat/2-m repulsor tanks, only they act more like the unit sample of the TX-tanks, so level 1, they are tank with level 1 gear; level 5, they are tank with level 5 gear, and so on)
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/WLO-5_battle_tank

SS-54 Assault Ship - These mercenary gunships are armed with more than powerful weapons, they are equipped with a daring crew as well. As the gunship moves in to attack enemy fortifications, it'll deploy it's crew to attack anyone who tries to stop it. (Think back to my MAAT/Nemesis gunship idea, but a little more health and attack power; plus, it'll deploy 2 twilek that are at it's same level, spawns them faster as it levels up; and from level 6 onward, it'll add a dowutin hunter into the fray in addition to the twileks,..., so make sure you have some trap busters handy to protect these gunships from any traps the deployed mercenaries might set off,..., at least until the devs patch that up so fliers aren't harmed by traps set off by ground units). 15 units each. Generalists.
Reference: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/SS-54_assault_ship

Yeah, 3 general mercenary vehicles everyone can have, plus a faction specific starfighter. My idea for the mercenary vehicles is because we don't really have any. They can be recruited from the cantina like all other mercenaries, but because of their power, I'll let the devs decide whether to have the mercenaries be 32 frags per level or the increased amount each level. Now, for the story, you'll be hailed by a friend to your faction from the underworld who'll inform you of the developments, and it'll be your job to help them get some of their folks together in an effort to halt the Zann Consortium's advances (Rebels will help Hondo get the Ohnaka Gang back up and running while Imperials will aid Black Sun with the aid of prince Xizor). Now, since I'm a rebel player, the rebel story is below. Devs and any of you imperial players are free to come up with an imperial counterpart if they so desire. If you imperial players have anything for the imperial version, just comment it below. For now, let's get to it.

Week 1 (first time reward - T-wing):
Intro -
Hondo: Hey hey, friend. Long time no see.

Saponza: Hondo, how are things going with you?

Hondo: I've run across something that you guys might want to show rebel high command.

Saponza: What did you do?

Hondo: Nothing, yet. It's more of "who's out there that needs to be stopped before he makes things more of a mess for both sides."

Saponza: Okay, now you're making me concerned. Who is the imperial scum who's going to ruin the war for the empire and the rebellion?

Hondo: Ex-imperial really. What do you know of a man named "Tyber Zann"?

Saponza: Only what our spies in the empire have told us. Supposedly rival students at the imperial academy wanted to remove Tyber from the academy to stop his creative solutions for advancement from bearing fruit. They managed to get him expelled and he supposedly swore revenge on the empire. His parents soon died some point after disowning him for it. Anything else will be new to me.

Hondo: Okay, so you know that much. What your spies probably don't know is that, some time after escaping prison, Tyber laid low with Jabba in a temporary truce that got the two great wealth some time before the alliance began to blossom,..., just for an idea of how long ago this was. Now, after taking his share of the wealth the two had acquired, Tyber began to make plans to make a criminal empire so massive, it would make Black Sun look like a swoop gang.

Saponza: No! Is that possible?!

Hondo: I'd need more info to help you answer that, but if you're willing to help me to get it, we can not only get the proof to back up the claim so we can do something about it, you'll also get some new toys to play with in the process.

Saponza: Go on.

Hondo: With his messages going out to all underworld cities, I was able to find some of my old crew, the Ohnaka Gang, and am trying to get them back under my fold so I can hopefully become a much more effective rebel cell for your cause. Trust me. There's only so much a few people can do, and I know about the crew of the Ghost before you say anything.

Saponza: So some of these "toys" are ships you have used before?

Honda: As well as some new ones they've acquired after the gang was crushed by the empire. Now then, let's get going. We've got a mad man to stop.

Saponza: You know what? I'm game. If he's right, we could be seeing a third galactic power rising in the conflict for the galaxy.

Hondo: Be careful while you're at it. Word is, some of his troops will be out finding weak targets to raid for resources. Be ready to protect your base.

Saponza: Thanks for the heads up Hondo. Let's get to hunting partner.

Half way point -
Saponza: You were right about this guy Hondo. He definitely has the start of what could be a massive crime circle, and it looks like he's gaining followers in the underworld.

Hondo: Luckily, a few right favors can win you their trust before Tyber can. Keep it up buddy, we've almost got a thumb on his forces size.

End -
Saponza: Alrighty, from the gang members we've gathered, it seems like we have what it takes to scout out Tyber's army size.

Hondo: Indeed. It feels good to be leading a gang of my own again, and this time, we know what side we're fighting for.

Jennica: I would hope so Hondo, for that's a lot of mercenaries you've got there.

Hondo: Ah, Jennica, just who I needed to talk to. We've got some things you'll need to know about.

Jennica: Do they involve the mercenary attacks we've been seeing across the galaxy?

Hondo: And then some. I hope you like long stories for this one is a doozie.

Saponza: We might as well test our new toy while we wait for him to share what we know. If you find anything else, let us know. Stay safe out there, and don't let them destroy our outpost partner.

Week 2 (first time reward - Starhawk Speeder Bike):
Intro -
Jennica: What Hondo has to say about this Tyber Zann fits with these attacks we've been seeing not just against us but the empire as well.

Hondo: Even worse, his influence is growing. Supposedly he has some way of corrupting worlds at the drop of a hat.

Saponza: I thought only the sith had that kind of power. Luke, I know this may be a soar subject, but how much of the force did Obi-wan tell you about?

Luke: Not enough to identify what this is about, but if we did some snooping around, we might find something.

Hondo: Some of my boys did manage to get a hold of some of the holo books from the jedi archives while the empire was transporting them to a hidden outpost to be desecrated. However, it's been months since I last spoke to them. We're going to need to hunt them down.

Luke: I'll talk with Chewie and Han to see if they can help. If they know what to look for, they can help speed up the search.

Hondo: Aha! That would be wonderful! You guys get your books, I get some more of my boys back! And, of course, you get a new toy to play with.

Saponza: In that case, let's get to it partner. There's no time to lose.

Half way point -
Hondo: Okay, I have good news and bad news. The good news, we found the guys with the books. The bad news, Tyber is trying to bribe them into his fold! The nerve! No one bribes Hondos' crew away from him!

Saponza: Can you make a counter offer?

Hondo: Yes, but it would leave me almost broke. If you can raid the empire a few times before Tyber can raid them, I should be able to get the counter offer made without declaring my cell bankrupt.

Saponza: You heard him partner. Let's get to it.

End -
Luke: Agent, I've been looking through these books. According to how Hondo described the corruption methods, and the texts in here, it seems like Tyber got the aid of a Dathomir Night Sister to help him corrupt various planets.

Saponza: How is that possible? The Seperatists wiped them out near the end of the clone wars.

Luke: Apparently some survived that massacre and have been trying to revive their society. It seems like Tyber found one of them and offered to help her in exchange for her help in corrupting the galaxy.

Hondo: Now we know why Tyber wanted these books so badly. Do they have any way of undoing this kind of damage? It's looking like the corrupted worlds are slowly beginning to turn into their own twisted versions of Dathomir, and it's a bit scary,......., and Hondo Ohnaka doesn't get scared easily.

Saponza: Should I contact the crew of the Ghost to see if they agree with you on that?

Hondo: Luke looks like he's going to skim through the pages for a while. Just take my boys that we got back and take them out for a spin. They're probably itching for a fight. If you find anything else, I'll reward you in kind for it.

Week 3 (first time reward - WLO-5 battle tank):
Intro -
Luke: Okay agent, I've found a way to undo the corruption Tyber and his Night Sister have inflected on these worlds, but we need to keep his mind busy while I and alliance command see to it.

Saponza: What's the plan Luke?

Luke: Tyber's forces are using the corruption to help them enslave some species to use for manual labor, and we've found the camps they're using.

Hondo: Chewie wasn't happy to hear about it, and neither was Han. Anyhow, we need you to raid those places and free the slaves. With luck, it's sure to get Tyber's attention.

Luke: While you're keeping his forces busy, I'll work with what jedi we have left to help remove the corruption from the corrupted worlds, starting with our own and then those most ready to join our cause.

Hondo: I have some more of my boys willing to help you if you are able to do this. Go show them what you're made of!

Saponza: You heard them partner! For the alliance!

Half way point -
Saponza: All of the slaves have been freed. Now comes the wait for Tyber's forces.

Hondo: It won't be long, but if we survive this, you'll have some new toys to play with later. Also, drinks will be on me.

Saponza: I can already taste it. Let's keep up the pressure so alliance command can remove the corruption from our worlds.

End -
Luke: The corrupted worlds have been cleansed of the dark taint of Tyber's Night Sister. The empire is applying their own solution to it, though it's a lot slower and not as clean as ours. However, we've been contacted by the people you've freed. They're willing to join our fight in not just the Empire, but the Zann Consortium.

Hondo: "Zann Consortium"? Is that what Tyber's calling his criminal empire now?

Luke: According to one of the freed slaves, yes. Not only that, he's already got a sizable fleet ready to conquer a few systems in the name of Tyber Zann.

Saponza: Seems like a great battle is looming ahead. Where's their first target?

Luke: We're working to figure that out. For now, you might as well get acquainted with Hondo's boys that you just met, see what they can do.

Hondo: Hey! I wanted to say that!

Saponza: How do you want us to repay you for it?

Hondo: Any intel on Tyber's fleet will do. I'm sure I'll find some way to reimburse you if you over repay me.

Week 4 (first time reward - SS-54 Assault Ship):
Intro -
Tyber Zann: So, you're the little rebel agent who's been causing me all of this trouble and denying my claim to sovereign territory of the Zann Consortium.

Saponza: That's right, Tyber, and you don't scare us.

Tyber Zann: Well you should be, for my fleet is already beginning its march on both the empire and you small futile rebellion. The empires' forces will overwhelm you in time, but there is a way out of it.

Saponza: What do you mean?

Tyber Zann: It's obvious that you guys are skilled commanders. If you want, I'd be willing to enroll you into my fleet for three times whatever monthly payment the rebellion has to offer, maybe even five times the salary of an imperial officer.

Saponza: We are not accepting your bribes you slimy piece of worm ridden filth! Now get out of our comm channel!

Tyber Zann: Then you leave me no choice. Sabaac squadron, I'm sending you your first rebel target! Fifty thousand for whoever brings me their heads! Both of them!

Hondo: Such a charmer that one. Whatever we did, it obviously made him mad.

Luke: Though it looks like a large force is coming our way. We might need some more help to deal with this.

Hondo: Fortunately, the last of my boys have gotten in touch with me. They're willing to help us push back the Zann Consortium in exchange for some of the bounty money Jabba has placed on the Consortiums' heads.

Saponza: Wait, Jabba has placed a bounty on the entire Consortiums' heads?

Hondo: It's not much for the individual, but with what's headed our way, we could make a few million off of it. Think of how that would help the war effort!

Saponza: If the empire wasn't around, that kind of wealth would allow us to retire early. However, the alliance needs all of the help we can get. I don't like dealing with Jabba much, but if it means funding the alliance to defeat the empire, I'll do it. Especially if it also stops a potential third faction from become a major threat to us all. Let's get to work everyone!

Half way point -
Hondo: My remaining boys that have yet to return are in position. We just need to defeat a few more Consortium goons and then they'll come in and help us put an end to their invasion against us.

Luke: I can see the light at the end of the temple. Keep up the fight. Tyber will soon run out of troops.

End -
Tyber Zann: No! This can't be! I sent three times what the Trade Federation sent to invade Naboo to destroy you, and yet, even with fewer resources than the Naboo resistance had, you still survived! How is that possible?!

Hondo: With a little luck and a few friends in the right places.

Saponza: Plus a good amount of strategy.

Luke: And the power of the force. Your army is starting to crumble. If you keep up these attacks, our rebellion is going to get so much support, even if you could get back on your feat, we'll overwhelm your criminal empire before it even gets to the size you want it to be. Bottom line, once the empire is defeated, you'll be next.

Tyber Zann: Laugh if you will, but once I've regathered my criminal empire's strength, you'll pay dearly for this!

Saponza: I don't think we've seen the last of him. At least he's gone for now.

Hondo: Indeed, but now the Ohnaka gang is back on its feet and ready to aid the rebellion. All we need is a copy of your rules and regulations so we can know what we're allowed to do and what you'd encourage us not to do.

Jennica: I think we can arrange that. After all, it was your gang that helped us to defeat Tyber's forces.

Saponza: You even convinced some of them to join our cause.

Hondo: Indeed I did. Still, he left some troops behind to try and gather some resources to rebuild his consortium. What do you guys say? Want to bring in your latest toys and help me defeat these remaining ruffians to reclaim whatever they might have stolen?

Saponza: Count me in! Let's go partner!

Luke: May the force be with you agent. Stay safe out there.
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Re: Possible new units and event: Forces of Corruption

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I wish someone with your time was involved in the dev side of things.
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Re: Possible new units and event: Forces of Corruption

Post#3 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 2:50 pm

AlaricSkywalker wrote:As you know, Star Wars Uprising brought the Zann Consortium back into the canon, but only via a mention. If the game hadn't been shut down, we probably would've gotten more than just a mention, we'd probably have done combat against them. How it relates to this post? Well, I've been thinking of some new units (again) and I think I have something you guys might find interesting. ...

AlaricSkywalker - I can't fault you for your creativeness but the addition of so many new Units to SWC may have a negative effect.

Some of the "New Units" you propose are interesting and perhaps a few could be added - should the Game Developers consider doing so.

AGAIN... if you feel passionate about your Suggestion I encourage you to submit it to Disney Mobile Support by clicking here.

Good luck and keep on thinking of ways to improve SWC... :D
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Re: Possible new units and event: Forces of Corruption

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Midge wrote:I wish someone with your time was involved in the dev side of things.

I'd be surprised if, after I send enough of these to them, if the game's still going, they ask if I'd be willing to be a part of that team.

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Re: Possible new units and event: Forces of Corruption

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DeathStriker wrote:
AlaricSkywalker wrote:As you know, Star Wars Uprising brought the Zann Consortium back into the canon, but only via a mention. If the game hadn't been shut down, we probably would've gotten more than just a mention, we'd probably have done combat against them. How it relates to this post? Well, I've been thinking of some new units (again) and I think I have something you guys might find interesting. ...

AlaricSkywalker - I can't fault you for your creativeness but the addition of so many new Units to SWC may have a negative effect.

Some of the "New Units" you propose are interesting and perhaps a few could be added - should the Game Developers consider doing so.

AGAIN... if you feel passionate about your Suggestion I encourage you to submit it to Disney Mobile Support by clicking here.

Good luck and keep on thinking of ways to improve SWC... :D

I know, I know. Again, this is for getting it out there so I have a link all ready for when I send it. Besides, I think, with how long this one is, it'd be too big for a letter to the devs. As for the addition of all of these units, we can all agree that we've got more event infantry than any other type of unit. These are to help change that.

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