Hero Ships.

Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.
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Hero Ships.

Post#1 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:15 pm

When you combine heroes and ships you get hero ships.

My idea was to have each faction get a set of hero ships, they are unlocked at lv. 8 HQ, and you can only have 2 active at once.

Rebel Hero Ships:

lv. 1
Ghost Proton Strike
The ghost ship has proton torpedoes so I thought a hero ship for the rebels could use it. would deal high dmg to vehicles. (5 tiles) would take 30 mins to train.

lv. 4
U-Wing Troop Lander
The U-Wing is a troop transport ship, but its equipment for the X-wing right now, so I thought there could be a U-wing hero ship that deploys heavies into battle. would take 30 mins to train.

lv. 8
Hammerhead/CR90 Orbital Strike.
So one of these frigates can do a small orbital strike on a certain area, the hammerhead doing high dmg to buildings while the CR90 would do high dmg to turrets. would take half an hour to train. (5 tiles) would take 1 hour to train.

Lv. 10. (gain access to 2 ready in battle)
Nebulon-B Orbital Strike
the Nebulon-B doing medium dmg to everything in a massive area. (15-20 tiles) would take 2 hours to train.

Empire Hero Ships:

Lv. 1
Royale Guard Tie Interceptor.
The royale guard tie interceptor would come in and deal high dmg. to infantry. (5 tiles) 30 min training.

Lv. 4.
Nemesis Class Gunship.
The gunship would come in and deploy heavies. 30 min training.

Lv. 8.
Gozanti-class Cruiser/Arquitens-class Cruiser orbital strike.
The Gozanti does high dmg to buildings while the Arquitens does high dmg to turrets. (5 tiles) 1 hour training time.

Lv. 10 (gain access to 2 ready in battle)
Victory-II Star Destroyer Orbital Strike.
An orbital strike from a Victory-II Star Destroyer. medium dmg to a massive area. (15-20 tiles) 2 hour training time.

I think these would make for an interesting new aspect to the game.

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