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Re: Cheater report

Post#71 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:24 am

I've had a few 99% cheater hits ... my theory is that when I look at my base, if it was a 100%, I might look at the replay, but if a loss under 100%, perhaps I won't look at it and realize it was a cheater.

I've had a few go 15% and then "get" 60-70% at the end ... again, theory is that they're trying to avoid scrutiny about the fact they cheated.

they are all space turds and deserve to be airlocked. It's one reason why I no longer spend money on the game - if DisZynga wanted us to spend money, they need to make the game more robust. The fact that so much of this is on the app side of the wall and not on the server means they're just trying to be cheap and lazy and reduce their server load, well, that's just a bad decision they made early on which is continuing to share it's legacy.
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