Hero starship strikes

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A well coordinaded army, consisting of Infantry,Vehicles and Starship strikes, consisting of many units with many diffrent roles
Some jump troopers and snipers
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Hero starship strikes

Post#1 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:13 am

Basically insteed of Mobilizing normal heroes you could commision heroic starship strikes! for like Hero Command level 9 and 10! and maybe a Elite unlockable starship strike hero!
I already got few ideas..

1 (for Hero command level 9, Empire): TIE Phantom


This is a special TIE variant from legends that hasnt appeared in the new cannon yet!
It would do something that it didnt in legends:
-Fires special magnetic bombs which disable enemy turrets for 5 seconds <stun duration increases with each level>
this is i think i pretty cool idea for a starship strike, because its a hero strike it cant be abused which doesnt make it Overpowered (i hope so) the duration could be longer, but this is just the idea, i cant come up with the exact stats

2 (for hero command level 10, Empire): Imperial Star Destroyer


Now hold on, i know what you might be saying: Woah, hold on there, isnt an ISD a LITTLE BIT too big for a starship strike? @_@
Yes, i know, but how this would be a diffrent kind of a starship strike:
-Barrages the targeted area from orbit for large AOE damage, fires 20 times randomly across the target area <each level increases amount of shots by 1 <up to 30 shots> and slightly increases damage of each shot>
this might be a little bit of an overkill, but i think it would be an cool idea!

3 (for hero command level 9, Rebels): The Millenium Falcon, an obvious choice


I dont have the stats or even an idea for what it would do, but lets be honest, pretty much if hero starship strikes become a thing, Millenium Falcon will be a heroic starship strike

Also i know chewbacca has a armory upgrade to call down the Millenium Falcon, but you cant really use both chewbacca AND Millenium Falcon in the same battle for obvious reasons, and also to prevent potential problems with having 2 Falcons at the same time.... <Except in heroic defence, idk what to do about that>

4 (for hero command level 10, Rebels): Sand/Snow/Jungle Speeder

Alright, this is BY FAR the weirdest idea on this post, I know speeders arent Starships (duh..) but it doesnt matter since you dont really fight in space do you..
-Calls down a group of Snow/Sand/Jungle Speeders (5) and does a bombing run across the enemy base

This is like a over the top version of the starfighter pilot passive ability, it runs across THE ENTIRE base, dealing damage in a line 5 times, i still cant decide on which direction it go, but i'd assume it would horizontally, or just a straight line across the screen. <each level increases damage and reduces the time between runs, for example each speeder bombs every 2 seconds, on level 4 it does it every 1.6 seconds, up to 1 speeder every second>

I think this whole Heroic Starship strike idea is pretty cool, but i doubt it would become real. there's just too many things to consider like balance and stuff... i hope you enjoyed this post, i would like to know your opinion!
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Re: Hero starship strikes

Post#2 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:21 am

I like this idea, recently in my squad chat I mentioned the U-wing from rouge one would be a great unit like a hero starship due to the fact that the u-wing drops troops and circles around offering protection to them until it dies.

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Re: Hero starship strikes

Post#3 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:12 am

Pretty cool stuff. Good job

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