Let equipment not just increase health/damage but speed

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Let equipment not just increase health/damage but speed

Post#1 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:45 am

Hi All,

I know, many of you wish the Armory dead and gone, but that is not going to happen.

I read lots of complaints about jumps/jets... one of the arguments being that it is the ONLY viable loadout these days. Up to a certain point that is correct.

So: how about giving some other units a bit more speed with increasing equipment buffs INSTEAD of more damage and health? As an imp the first unit that comes to mind is the notoriously slow MHC. Once it was the mainstay of many loadouts, these days it is gathering dust. Even on Hoth I seldom use them, as they have awesome firepower, but are excruciatingly slow. So how about increasing with each equipment level their speed from 10 by steps of 1 or 2 every second level, while the other levels are for increasing firepower at a much lower rate than now?

I am certain there are other units to which the above can be applied as well.

Alternatively: perks which increase average unit speed for certain (not all, a racing ATACT would be a bit OP) could be introduced...

Interested to hear your thoughts!
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