Get rid of Guard Reserves, period.

Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.
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Re: Get rid of Guard Reserves, period.

Post#11 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:39 am

mkenobi wrote:As we say in my country devs "threw shit at the fan", and now they know they must clean the dirt but i think they don't know how. Another post in this forum said they are working on a solution. What are the options?

1) if they nerf the Imperial GR Sniper (less troops, less strenght, no medics) they will get the fury of Imp players that have GR Sniper and paid for them or played hard to get it at high levels. But they nerfed heavies in the past, so devs can do what they want, it doesn't matter how many players paid for that.

2) As was said, they can't remove GR because of (1) and because removing GR will bring a collapse into the game, because the skins for Jets/Jumps were created only to deal with the GR.

3) Devs can make a massive change in the GR Rebels: Giving sharps with medics to compensate the poor Vanguard currently, and change the Skiffs for Hailfires, so Rebels can use the Cold HFs as Imps use the Cold MHC. Both factions can use Rodian/Sullustan Sniper for GR Snipers.

As Imperial and Rebel player, I'm waiting for the (3), but this will only bring the balance if the Devs adjust the health/damage of both GR to similar levels. In the last events, they are trying to give the same things for both factions, so the (3) seems to me the more logical solution. You don't punish the Imp players who purchased their GR or played hard to get it, and recompensate Rebel players that bravely keep playing the game with all these discrepancies.

But who can say for sure if the Devs minds work in some logical way???

Nerfing guard reserve and armory simultaneously, swapping vans for sharps + meds (equivalent lvl to match IA healing) and giving rebs reserve hails would be the way to bring this madness under control and open the floodgates to using less-used vehicles and troops again, which would be rad. BUT... jet buffs would absolutely have to come down a bit. Take a breath, rage in the other room for a few seconds and then come back. A 5-10% buff to offset the UC difference between jumps is more than fair. A 20% + buff, while seeming small to you sub-HQ 10 guys, is actually a pretty substantial buff on lvl 10 jets. These are far and away the best offensive AND defensive units in the game right now and it shows. While rodian skins are powerful they've got nothing on the buffed jet advantage and is the main reason why nearly every reb still uses them in their SCs even after unlocking their equivalent sullustan skin. Many of you rabidly compared guard reserve snipes to vans like it was a "you got this guard reserve and we got this guard reserve" type of comparison, but the real defensive comparison in actual gameplay has been and still is guard reserve snipes vs. that additional 20% jet buff. Nerf guard reserve & armory while keeping that 20% in place and we'll be right back to square one with rebs ruling every conflict with "unbeatable bases", imps complaining on this forum and lots of emails to disney.

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Re: Get rid of Guard Reserves, period.

Post#12 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 7:48 am

DarthBratzzznew wrote:
DarkRebel wrote:
DarthBratzzznew wrote:A L10 with L10 troops cannot win against a L5 with GR? C'mon, the Armory starts at L6... so a L5 with full blasted Armory GR is utter bull.

Edit @ OP: no disrespect intended but this looks like a trolling post to me... correct me if I am wrong

He might have run into one of the sandbaggers, L10 with high level GR and SC troops, but low level turrets and shields.

Sure DR, but if I interpreted the opening post correctly, he/she consistently loses against such sandbaggers, loses any and all defences and cannot get higher than top 50%(!) in any conflict. Which as a L10 with L10 troops is only possible if you came back recently and do not have any Armory buffed units, are unwilling or unable to learn from you mistakes, are not part of a squad who can advise you and/or send you useful troops....
Everyone playing SWC can lose a single battle, even against sandbaggers if your deployment is bad, wrong load, you name it.
But here we have someone who is apparently enraged by the GR, any and all. Doesn't even mention his/her faction; besides the supposition is made that all players who have the GR all paid for it or are online 24/7 to get it to useful levels. Which simply isn't true. The biggest difference is between having GR and not having it. And GR frags are not that rare either.

anyway, whatever... the GR is here to stay, adapt or fade away...

I was only commenting on why he saw GR at "L5", and a hypothetical scenario was a sandbagging base. That's all.
Yeah, I suspect attack skill is an issue here and not just GR equipment.


Re: Get rid of Guard Reserves, period.

Post#13 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:28 pm

the real issue actually isn't the GR at all. its that due to very unbalance player faction populations rebel players are being matched against a very narrow selection of players who are all maxed out players 2 levels or more above them. If the rebels had the option to attack players their own level or even below them and weren't forced to throw everything they had at a base hoping to maybe get 1 star without even the assistance of landseers yet, we wouldn't see this level of complaining. The equation that matches us currently isn't reflecting the unbalanced player population.

if empire can have the option to attack players 2 levels below them so should rebels.


Re: Get rid of Guard Reserves, period.

Post#14 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:24 pm

In any real war conflict bases would have Guards so the Guard Reserve is valid

Suggestion A - only allow non Squad members to use the GR as they do not have access to the SC

Suggestion B - make one of the GR options be Jumpers; however, capped either by number to be released or timing, e.g., 1st minute of conflict


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Re: Get rid of Guard Reserves, period.

Post#15 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:23 pm

Guard reserve would be ok if air rebuild wasn't so long. Even that stupid rodent. Using air is fun, I wish I could use more often. I don't understand the concept of having air rebuild taking so long. Many have said on here that it's to drive crystals sales, which since all we can do is make our best guess makes sense. However I think the times are grossly out of proportion and need to be adjusted.

The game can't hold my interest long enough for a 10 min troop rebuild, 3-4 mins of skipping bases. Just for 2 mins of gameplay. Then when I'm attacking I have to decide if using that fang is worth 16 mins of downtime. Most of the time I decide it isn't and thus lose the attk.

I hear a lot of talk about strategy but imo GR and op jets have killed all elements of strategy. It's the same attk every time. Bait to a corner, kill GR, rush to barracks. While using only a few of my available troops.
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