Vanguard skin

Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.
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Re: Vanguard skin

Post#21 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:06 am

mkenobi wrote:I'm getting sick of all this. And all this stupid discussions about what-you-have and what-i-don't-have started with the stupid GR months ago.

I don't think I agree with this; people have been complaining here (or on the previous forums) about what the other side has since the beginning of time. But I share your fatigue.

Some people like that the factions are different, and think that makes the game more interesting. Other people think the only way to have a fair game is for both sides to have the same tools. Nothing the devs do is going to satisfy everyone.

Some people like attacking to be a challenge. Others find that frustrating. Nothing the devs do is going to satisfy everyone.

Some people like having new things to pursue so the game doesn't get stale for them. Other people find the endless grind exhausting. Nothing the devs do is going to satisfy everyone.

I understand all of that. And I understand that a lot of people find the game to be on the wrong side of all three of those right now, which would be particularly frustrating. I also understand occasionally needing to vent that frustration.

But man, I sure do share mkenobi's frustration with how relentlessly this forum is dominated by the complaints. We have to be over 1000 posts complaining about the guard reserve by now; I hope the next time someone types one out, before they hit submit, they'll ask themselves what their post adds that hasn't been said several dozen times already.

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Re: Vanguard skin

Post#22 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:22 am

Who cares what yer think wImp$! Yer only players like Rebs, Mickey Rodent just want everybody's $$$$$!

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Re: Vanguard skin

Post#23 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 1:26 pm

RDjedi wrote:
YourFather wrote:
Midge wrote:
Uh ... yeah ... that is the entire point of games like these. Can't argue what is fair and what isn't if both sides have the same shit.

So what you're saying is, we have to cater to the cry babies?

In fact, yes, the devs did cater to the cry baby imps which is why imps have astromechs, which is why imps have sniper GR reserves with astromechs to counter so-called unstoppable jetpackers and heavies that the imps cry babies were shouting about, which why imps can stack cold weather skins on MHCs and rodian skins on their snipers and rebels have no counter, because imps cried about OP reb troops and red cans.

Before you call rebs cry babies, unload the snot covered tissues from your star destroyer... end the hypocrisy dude... I thought your posts were about poking at people and having fun... now there are just tired and dumb

So you're saying we should cater to cry babies? Okay...

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Re: Vanguard skin

Post#24 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 6:21 am

Your father.... they did cater to your cry baby ass but giving you unfair advantage with rodian sniper... imp hero box of tissues is the rodian snipers... snyc77... you troll.... look at the conflict scores you imp idiots... you see the score board with imps having 100s of defense wins on all planets... this is bull crap. Imp cry babies got what they wanted...Devs gave imp the advantage because they suck at the game.

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Re: Vanguard skin

Post#25 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 7:57 am

I think they just gave us dev bases because there aren’t enough rebels. Seriously, who wants to use clone-wars era vehicles and infantry when the other side has at-ats and Darth Vader. Last time I checked, PLV was still dominating the leaderboards and it has nothing to do with rodian snipes. Take away dev bases and it would be nothing but rebels at the top. Extra jet buff > guard reserve snipes hands down.

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