How to improve the game for everyone

Please post any suggestions that could make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to also encourage Disney with praise of things you like.
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How to improve the game for everyone

Post#1 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:08 pm

Hi thought I would chuck in my thoughts.

Firstly the game as a whole is good but it could be so much better AND fairer.

Things need a real shake up for the game to survive. I am a level 9 Rebel not maxed as I haven't been able to upgrade anything other than a wall for I don't know how long as I don't want to be playing for hours and hours attacking Imp bases offering minimal rewards.
I also have a level 6 Imp base which is doing very nicely.


Why are imperial speeder bikes and rebel speeder bikes not equal in space used up.
Rebel Pathfinder uses 2 spaces but the imperial Scout trooper uses 1
The Dark trooper is 4 but the rebel wookie is 5
Repair droids Imp 4 Rebel 5
Heavy Soilders 5 Heavy Stormtroopers 4
Rebel Sharpshooter 8 Imperial Sniper 7

Rebels do get the advantage on the Bantha and Dewback

These can be equalled for a start as they basically do the same thing.

Squad wars are now a joke. We are mismatched so much we are at the point of not bothering.

My thoughts on the game and how to improve it.

Lose the barrack buffs, I don't bother attacking as there is very little chance of getting anything out of it.

I have no issue with the Imps having better machines as they do in the films, but they are too strong. Those spider zapper things shoot 3 times and take out my level 9 guns before they even fire. The At AT again going with the film they are tough so fine keep them tough.

Nearly 10 minutes to cook a rebel hero is wrong on so many levels make it 5 minutes for Rebs and Imps

Lower the time to build starships 2 hours again way too long

Why not make another 10 levels so all those playes who are maxed out at level 10 can build up to level 20 with more unlocks like for example

More hero's perhaps like Mace Windu, Yoda, Lando, The Emperor, Kylo Ren, Boba Fett just random off the top of my head.

Maybe another planet command with more worlds like Naboo, Corusant, Mustafa, Endor with there own special equipment like Hoth. Naboo fighters, Battle droids, Ewoks etc

Create a new Squad starship defence where you can donate starships to use to defend and attack could help when defending against an AT AT.

Maybe a Hero starship command to offer Millenium Falcon, Darth Vader Tie fighter, Slave 1

Improve the matchmaking for PvP and Squad wars

For squad wars I get the feeling most people rely on this for the chance to upgrade, I know I do

Why not start with having the matchmaking in groups like league tables.
Squads with medals of something like 400,000 and 300,000 fight each other, 150,000 to 299,000 fight 100,000 to 298,000 etc etc

Have planets where there are no buffs or advantages to either faction so it's just a plain and simple game where tactics can win the day. That way those that want all the extra stuff can still get it and those that don't, don't have to get attacked all the time due to constant conflicts.

Anyway. Just my thoughts whilst I watch another squad war end in defeat.
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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#2 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:48 pm

I agree with a lot of your comments to make the game more playable for casual players.
The only thing I would query is the thoughts about making reb and Imp equipment, such as speeders, equal.
When starting to play, new players are reminded of the mechanised might of the Empire. That is the whole point of being an Imp. As our Imp machines are nerfed and reb kit is buffed, it makes being an Imp player pointless.
It needs something to change though to stop all the players giving up.
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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#3 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:13 pm

Great ideas you have. Some comments. For the record, I'm a level8 rebel.

1- the differences between the Unit Capacity on infantary is actually correct. Although they do the same thing, Heavy rebels are a little better than heavy imps, for example. This is on purpose: Rebs have better infantary, Imps have better machines.

2- I agree that spaceships should reduce the cooking time, but I've already read in a thread somewhere that players spend a lot of crystals on finishing cooking them. So, Disney will probably maintain the cook time of spaceships due to revenue/profit reasons.

3- I partially agree with the barraks/factory buffs. I think they're OP too. The idea is not bad, but it should be limited (for example, 1 or 2 waves max per attack, etc).

4- Hero cooks: yeah, this is a big difference and it should be fixed: just give rebels a hero with 5 minute cook that is usefull and this problem should be solved (again, they'll not reduce all the heroes cook time for the same reasons I pointed in the second item).

5- New levels: yeah, I think everybody is expecting that. Perhaps they'll wait until there is a big number of max level10 bases to do that. Who knows.

6- Hero starship: never thought of that, but it's a great idea. =)

7- Planets without buffs in PvP: another great requests. My idea is to turn a forest planet into a "no equipament" planet.

8- Matchmaking must be urgently corrected.

Anyway, discussing these ideas for me is great and a good iniciative. Let's HOPE (rebellions are build on this) the devs here us!! =)
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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#4 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:09 pm

I agree with lots of what you said. I doubt they will add certain heroes though like kylo and mace because the game seems to take place between episode 4 and 6. Also, when you talk about crab walkers being too strong and also complain about gr being too strong it confuses me a little. It seems as if your saying both offense and defense are too strong. I think only one can be too strong. If both were too strong then they would be balanced. I really like the idea of a hero starship command and more HQ lvs. I think we should be cautious about asking the devs for that though. Especially with lv 10s being able to attack lv 8 with the current matching system. Like you said, that needs to be fixed.

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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#5 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:57 pm

I'm an HQ 10 imp who's been playing for a VERY long time and IMO this is what it would take to balance SWC and make it enjoyable again.

1. Eliminate, drastically reduce or change armory buffs to have less of an impact on offense and defense.

2. Change guard reserve to act like mini SCs, complete with a trip radius and preset UC count per barracks or factories. EX: activating mhc and bike equipment would allow each factory to spit out 24 UC worth of bikes or mhcs (your choice) 1 time when triggered. These units should continue to be low level. Imp snipe + IA should be replaced with shock troopers.

3. Balance UC costs for equivalent units (see #4)

4. Eliminate, drastically reduce or change all forms of healing. Nothing should be able to instantaneously heal a unit to full health after being shot by blaster fire. On top of that, make healing units have a limited supply of "bacta", "hugs", "bolts" or whatever. 3-4 healing pulses over 15 seconds to fully heal and that's it.

5. All heroes train in 7-8 minutes. Your attack takes that long to build anyways.

6. Reduce the cook times for starships by 50%, BUT reduce their damage by 50%. 1 fang wont kill dropship heavies or a full SC response anymore. 1 A-wing won't fully take out a shield. No more x-wing SC sniping. No b-wing all of my turrets into dust. Less damage means being smarter with your starship useage. Starships should tip victory in your favor by weakening a defense, not completely neutering it.

7. Fix Kessen. First off, no more kessen shot. It's a borderline exploit and needs to go. Secondly, make kessen useful in a different way, like attacking enemy troops from 20 spaces to prevent suicide runs and limit his range to 10 against buildings, shields and turrets. See? I'm not heartless.

8. Allow us to turn our buildings. Seriously, it can't be that hard.

9. SC dump. Sometimes (#$%# always) we get the wrong troops donated to us....especially in our war SC. How about letting us discard those pesky rancors and dewbacks? Or maybe the ever popular jumps + IA?...

10. Make squad war outposts FAR less effective or maybe have them select a certain hero, troop or vehicle at random that gets buffed by the outpost. I can see it now, "Oh great....tako buffs shock troops, tat buffs at-mp and hoth buffs dewbacks..." OR...." Holy crap! Tako buffs jumps, tat buffs e at-at and hoth buffs IAs!!" Allow both teams to see what the other team would get for controlling each outpost. As I see it, there's a really good chance outposts will buff things that you typically don't use in your normal attack (like dowutins for example). Players will have to weigh the risk of using the buffs without having a good strategy vs. Sticking with their normal attack and potentially coming up short.

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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#6 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:43 pm

I comment on this, but the scope of the original post is too broad. I'd recommend making separate posts for each main area you would like to discuss. I agree with about half of what you mention; the other half I think is not so critical to game play.

At the core of some of the problems is a poor monetization strategy by the devs. My special offer for this conflict was a US$20 crate with a guaranteed upgrade for Artoo. I might spring on a US$3-5 crate for the same thing, but US$20?!
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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#7 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:14 pm

Why in general does Imp mech take up more space then Rebel mech? Cause it's better. Why does Rebel infantry take up more space than Imp infantry? Cause it's better.
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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#8 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:29 am

I would like to see the UT and SC capacity of attackers limited to the level of the defender.

For example a L10 attacking a L8 would be limited to 96 cap UT and 32 Cap SC.

This would mean some thought would be needed in loading troops or you you might end up with not even being able to deploy 96 cap.

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Re: How to improve the game for everyone

Post#9 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:19 am

To make the game fairer/better for the casual player.

An icon could be placed on the base desktop screen that allowed the player to select Armory buffs turned on or off. When the switch is off all armory buffs would be turned off for the bases in PvP that the attacker sees.

Players can choose to play buffed or unbuffed.

This would mean that ALL players can find matchs on ALL planets.

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