701 Error In Facebook Gameroom

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Re: 701 Error In Facebook Gameroom

Post#11 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:26 pm

Boog wrote:I found that a combination of uninstalling and reinstalling SWC through gameroom as well as switching WiFi networks (to sharing off my phone) worked. I then rebooted my home router, and can log in normally on my tablet. I am not sure that the uninstall of swc was necessary, it could have just been connection issues with the router. Everything else worked fine before rebooting my router (internet, game room, nox, etc). I would give that a shot if you're getting stuck on the loading screen and eventually seeing the 701 popup.

Both my gameroom accounts went down at the same time; they are loaded on different user accounts on my tablet, so my guess is that to was a common issue between swc on gameroom and the network.

Thx boog I'll try that and report back
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