EVENT FLAW AWARDING TIERS - Zynga Support Response

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Re: EVENT FLAW AWARDING TIERS - Zynga Support Response

Post#11 » Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:41 am


Following was copied from my Post found here

PvP Battle Victory:

1 Star: 30 EP | 2 Star: 70 EP | 3 Star: 150 EP

Heroic Defense Victory:

1 Star: 20 EP | 2 Star: 50 EP | 3 Star: 110 EP

Planetary Objectives: 50 EP each

Conflict Tiers**:

  • Carbonite II: 20 EP
  • Carbonite I: 30 EP
  • Durasteel II: 50 EP
  • Durasteel I: 80 EP
  • Bronzium II: 130 EP
  • Bronzium I: 210 EP
  • Obsidian: 340 EP
  • Ultra Chrome: 550 EP
    **Rewarded upon reaching tier, EP is not lost even if you are knocked out of the tier. Placing in a higher tier earns EP for that tier and any lower tiers not already rewarded.
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