SW Ep XIV - The Return of the CNFO

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Re: SW Ep XIV - The Return of the CNFO

Post#51 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:03 am

DarkRebel wrote:The sudden jump in training time for rebel hero is just ... unreasonable :) I think DEVs should adjust this in the future.

But it's not stupid to level them up though, in my opinion, and here is why:

It's true that for rebel, the hero slot can be the bottle neck, but if you rotate through the heroes, then it's okay. Even if you choose to go with a single hero (Leia), then the extra wait time is about 1-1.5 min.

Now, looking at the health and damage between L7 and Prestige level for Leia:

L7: 35200
L8: 38400
L9: 41600
L10: 48000 (+36.36% compared to L7)
L11: 51840 (+47.27% compared to L7)

(Calculated) DPS:
L7: 6162
L8: 6720
L9: 7281
L10: 8400 (+36.32% compared to L7)
L11: 9069 (+47.17% compared to L7)

Assuming you have equipment L10:
https://papajessie.github.io/swcpy/eqpR ... lomat.html
Health: +293.0%
DPS: +293.0%

Applying the equipment multipliers to the base values, you are getting an extra:
+106% at L10 (compared to L7)
+139% at L11 (compared to L7)

This may help keep her going when having to face multiple barrack snipers.

It's one's choice really, but it's not totally stupid, IMHO.

You make a good case.
I was under the impression that the jump was only around 10%, but it's more. Thanks for setting me straight on that.

I am personally still of the opinion that adding that bit of extra power doesn't outweigh the extra cooktime.
But I will take back my stronger words.
The Skins are plenty powerful to deal with SC and spawning troops even without those extra levels.

Completely my opinion, but even with the buff Leia only barely outperforms Kessen. Her speed and short range means she usually runs into turret range after killing all the living things around her.
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