ISSUE: Game Stuck On Loading Screen

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ISSUE: Game Stuck On Loading Screen

Post#1 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:59 am

ISSUE: Game Stuck On Loading Screen

Posted after Upgrade to Version 7.2.0.

Lynch wrote:
DeathStriker wrote:
Lynch wrote:Just updated, now I cannot load the game. The Disney logo pops up, but then it goes back to my home screen. Any advice?

Lynch - Force Close SWC App and then turn off / turn on Game Device to reset Memory and then try again.

Tried that, did not work. I hope I can get it rolling, have a war starting up, we are out-gunned, but need everyone onboard to fight......

Lynch wrote:Still can’t get in. Still crashes at load screen.

Lynch wrote:Still can't log in...................................................................................................


Here is my General Advice...

  1. :!: Don't Uninstall SWC
  2. Force close SWC App
  3. Turn off Game Device
  4. Restart Modem and WiFI Router (in case this is an issue)
  5. Turn-on Game Device
  6. THEN... before anything else, reboot SWC and see what happens.
:arrow: If you have done all that - AND STILL HAVE ISSUES - then Contact Disney Mobile Support.

How to Contact Disney Mobile Support

You can contact Disney Mobile Support here.

  1. Click on any SECTION (Technical, Billing, Gameplay, Account)
  2. Click on a QUESTION.
  3. Scroll down as needed and click on the BLUE [  V  ] Email Button at the bottom and answer the prompts thereafter.
:?: CAN'T SEE EMAIL BUTTON: Click here.

⇨ Be sure to include with your initial "report" the following:

  1. Your Player ID (found on Load Splash Screen - or - in Settings > About - or - previously saved).
  2. Your In-Game Name.
  3. Your Squad Name.
  4. Your Game Device and its Current OS Version.

      ⇨ IMPORTANT NOTE: New Game Platform Dropdown Menu
  5. Your SWC Game Version and Build (found in Settings > About). **
    **You can ask a Squadmate since Info is the same for all Players.
  6. A description of the "issues" you have noted.
  7. Any Screenshots you may have taken.

      ⇨ IMPORTANT NOTE: You now have the way to send Screenshot Attachments!
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Re: ISSUE: Game Stuck On Loading Screen

Post#2 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:52 am

Thanks, but I have tried everything, but it still has not worked since the update. I contacted support a couple of days ago, they asked the typical questions, but crickets since then.

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