Possible Hack?

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Possible Hack?

Post#1 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:49 pm

this morning I have noticed that one of my base defences didn't quite add up, the Opponent used only 9 troops (EAT-AT, 4 Tanks and 4 storm troopers) even with a really dull base layout that sort of attack wouldn't guarantee a 100% Victory.

In replaying the attack, the attacker failed with only 21% total destruction.

I still Lost all my resources as if my base had been completely destroyed, I also lost my Conflict medals of which is a bit of a disappointment for what would of been an easy victory.

The fact that He/she came so Ill prepared somewhat shows that they were aware of the hack/bug affiliated with them.

I do have the pictures detailing the event in clarity , but they appear to be too large in size for this forum to handle... these picture also detail the name of the individual which as I am aware would be in breach of Forum rules if I posted it.

If there is any information I can provide to deal justice to this person (and other simular people) I will be happy to supply it, It would be unfair to let people like this get away with it.


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Re: Possible Hack?

Post#2 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:01 pm

I have had this happen to me as well and SWC support tells me that the video replay is not always accurate. It is possible that the attacker used a lot more troops than the replay suggests and did actually wipe your base. You are apparently not seeing the true story.

Hope that helps
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