ISSUE: Constant Random Game Crashes

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Re: ISSUE: Constant Random Game Crashes

Post#11 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:27 am

Its Dec of 2017 and i am experiencing all the issues related to the mods 1st post but in the ticket # i did not see the issuse stated of crashes happening while/during a PvP battle or squad war attack.

Lets be honest here, is it possible for the devs to add a 'draw feature' when it comes to active PvP battles. That way when we get a force close/crash in an active battle, we still keep what ever loot, conflict points (or atleast not lose conflict points and same for medals). It wouldn't be hard to add that kind of fail safe when the game regristers a crash.

As for Squad War atks, who enjoys deploying all their units and sc units and your seconds away from 3 uplinks then.... BOOM.... game crashes and you get no uplinks. If this happened in a squad war atk, maybe the devs can add a fail safe that in the case of the game crashing during an active atk the game just does a reset as if it didnt happen. Meaning you didnt use up an atk, or any units, no lost recorded, etc. I hope that makes sense. It really wouldn't be difficult to code that.

Just an idea.

ios: android
issue happens while on wifi or not
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Re: ISSUE: Constant Random Game Crashes

Post#12 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:34 am

Highly unlikely anything like this would be implemented. This would just open the door to 'ghosting', especially in Wars, or simply shutting off your device if you're losing PvP. There's enough rampant cheating to deal with as there is...

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