Jedi-Master's sacked 4 in-active players!!

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Jedi-Master's sacked 4 in-active players!!

Post#1 » Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:33 am

We are looking for some active players..
Recently had a few players who just slowed down on their active play...

Just so you know we are fair anyone who lets us no they are not going to be active i.e work holiday partner time lol then we are all great with that, but if a players get to 9 days in-active I will remove them... If a player is in-active for say 3-4 days log's on to request donations then be in-active for another 3-4 days then once that pattern is repeated 2-3 times I will remove...

Just so you don't waste our time and visa versa it is important that if you want to join our squad active play is essential...

We have 3 squads of seriously active players so if there are any players out there who wants to join an expanding team of players who donate loads give advice then please you are most welcomed...

For a limited time Jedi-Master's will remove all restrictions so that even low level players can join... This will not be for long as soon as we get 3 players restrictions will go back on...

I sound serious cause I am serious lol

Jedi-Master's (no restrictions)
Leader Jayjack
JEDI-Force (squad is full)
Leader Josh
JEDI-Council (new squad no restrictions)
Leader Velaas O'Creed

Kind regards jj
Jedi-Master's defence strategists!!!

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