Wars for HQ level 5 through 9

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Re: Wars for HQ level 5 through 9

Post#11 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:24 am

I use small bases in wars,and pres bases. A lvl 3 can take tat,and lvl 5s can take other ops. If u are building an entire war squad by yourself,its stupid to try to grind for all ,war offers unlocks at lower lvls,giving them an edge. But that makes me a sandbagger by some folks perspective. While building 15 accts,many lower lvl accts do not get big medals,but rise solid and slow. Grinding is great for folks that are at work on a computer,but true mobile players(ios/android) are subject to factors like battery life,actual phone calls,etc. I stopped worrying about medals when i figured out,its P.C. players that are more likely to be maxxed,due to bots,macros,etc..and then expect android/ios players to compete with that. If i add all my medals,i come up with around 34k,and this has little affect on matches,as opposed to high medals squads,so i get matches that are functional and fun. My only advantage is being able to organize hits with any of my accts as needed,as long as i remember to load them all in an organized fashion. Now that i know my rank here is manipulated at will,it too,like medals,has lost value,but I still play for the fun of it,and will continue to enjoy it ,even with all the inconvenient bugs,crashes,etc..

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Re: Wars for HQ level 5 through 9

Post#12 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:54 pm

DeathStriker wrote:
lukeskywalker wrote:... but the big issue is the level 6's and 7's don't get to attack bases, and get relegated to outpost duty. In some cases, if the 6's don't have the outposts in a given war, they get left out entirely.

lukeskywalker - In my Squad - Death_Striker - We use HQ 5's, HQ 6s in War. We try to get them to take OPs at Start (while the Level is Low) but if they can not take a OP we do something that others might want to do also.

:arrow: "Spy Attacks" - We often will load up our HQ 5's and HQ 6's SC's with Upper Level Units and then have them attack an Undibbed Base. While mostly they might get 1 Uplink (if none had been taken before) the important thing is that they can report back on what is in the Enemy SC (if they were able to "trip" it), info that other Players can use when doing their Attacks.

I think it is important for all Squads to include their Lower Level Players (if any) so as to keep them active in Squad and to help them when the Squad Wins by the "rewards" found in Victory Crates.

Adding to this Topic...


Yes, we have done that. It does keep them involved, but it's not the same satisfaction as taking down a comparable base.
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