Squad War hacking?

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Re: Squad War hacking?

Post#11 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:59 am

XitLiteNtrNite wrote:
DarthDeath wrote:I had someone attack me with infinite air strikes if he is in a war he will get all the uplinks everytime I reported him

Reporting someone for a war attack you can't see makes zero sense to me. FWIW, If I'm in a tough war, I'll use some of my inventory Rodians during attacks or get some in my SC. They will rain down air strikes during the entire attack, as will other troops.

I think the attack was not a war attack. He sais "if he is in a war..." I think this is showing that it wa a non-war defense, but i also think it was just buffed sharps or other air event units/skins
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