Need a Little or a Lot of Info For Squadron Wars

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Need a Little or a Lot of Info For Squadron Wars

Post#1 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:31 pm

So im fairly new to the game. Been around these forums and swc for a few weeks. I have no idea how squadern wars are won or if im involved or not can i get some insight, facts and then some tactics to start with.
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Re: Need a little or a lot of info for squadern wars

Post#2 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:06 pm

MattTron1337 wrote:So im fairly new to the game. Been around these forums and swc for a few weeks.

MattTron1337 - Welcome to the Forum! :D

MattTron1337 wrote:I have no idea how squadern wars are won.

They are Won by Squad being prepared, coordinated, and active at War Start and the 24 hours after - until the end.

MattTron1337 wrote:I have no idea ... if im involved or not ...

If you were in a War Party you would know because either you would of started it and/or your Squad Leader or someone else in your Squad will tell you.

MattTron1337 wrote:...can i get some insight, facts and then some tactics to start with.

  1. I would first suggest you click on WAR located in lower left of Main Game Screen (where you see your Base)
  2. Click on [ i ] located in upper left corner of Dialog.
  3. Click on Tabs #1 through #5
This above should get you started.


  • Dandoran: Defense - Non-Hero Units Health Regenerate (Buff: +40% / 1.5 sec)
  • Er'Kit: Defense - Walls and HQ Have Increased Healthpoints (Buff: +100%)
  • Hoth: Defense - Shield Generators and DekA and DekO have Regenerative Shields (Buff: +18% / 1.5 sec)
  • Takodana: Attack - Non-Hero Infantry Deal Increased Damage (Buff: +500%)
  • Tatooine: Attack - Non-Hero Vehicle Deal Increased Damage (Buff: +400%)
  • Yavin-4: Attack - Starfighters Deal Increased Damage (Buff: +150%)
Depending on what 3 Outposts are in Play during a Particular War determines what Units are recommended for War SC and what Units you will request most often.

More info can be added by others below...
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Re: Need a Little or a Lot of Info For Squadron Wars

Post#3 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:36 pm

DeathStriker has a pretty good description. I might also include the following (some is redundant; some isn't).

One of the officers in the squad chooses to start the war, and then identifies the individuals who will be partipating. 15, and only 15, members on each side are in the war. Once the search is started, the squad is matched with an opponent squad. The first 24hrs after matching is the preparation period, where individuals can update their war base (which is separate from the normal farming base), and request defensive squad center troops. After the preparation period completes, the following 24hrs is when attacks occur. Each player gets 3 attacks that they may use. In addition to the opponents 15 bases, there are three random outposts that are assigned to the war which give various boosts to the squad that holds them. The boosts are based solely on the planet on which the outpost is placed, and you won't know which planets are in play until you are matched.

After the attack period completes, the squad with the most uplinks captured wins the war. The maximum number of uplinks that may be captured are 45 (3 per base, 15 bases).
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Re: Need a Little or a Lot of Info For Squadron Wars

Post#4 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:57 pm

If you are having to ask this on the forums then it sounds like your squad leader and officers arent doing a great job. You should really be asking them about war and how to get them to include you.
To add more specifically on selection of the 15 players for war:
-In my squad we have a couple of level 10's and then lots of level 9 and 8's. Generally for war I will pick most of the active level 10, 9 and 8's then I rotate the level 7's to give them each a fair go. If someone doesn't use all their attacks I leave them out of following wars until they ask to be included again.
-If you are new to the game I suspect maybe they aren't including you if they have plenty of higher level players to chose from. I wouldn't include a level 6 or lower as I know they would get easily wiped out in the war. If this is your case I would suggest switch to a squad which has more players of your level as there may be more chance of you getting included.
-I have some players in my squad with rushed bases, e.g. level 7, 8 or 9 HQ, but when I look at their bases they still have lots of level 4 and 5 turrets, shields and squad centre's. I never include these guys as they will get wiped out too easily. I have told them this.
-I select my 15 based on last activity. If I see someone has not been active for a couple of days I won't include them. I also ask people to tell me in advance if they are on holiday.
-I also only select players who chat/donate/invest reputation regularly.

P.S. how far off level 7 are you? If you wanted to join my squad I could accommodate another level 7 on a rotational basis. We have level 50 squad perks and war twice a week with an excellent win record.
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